On Tuesday, over 25 nonprofit organizations across the 4 branches received donations from the Bootheel Foundation and a total of $29,000 was awarded, an increase of 16% from last year’s donations. “Western Bank’s ‘Bootheel’ Foundation is proud to contribute to these organizations. Each one of our employees, officers, and directors donate to the foundation to enable us to do this. Each of our branches decides where they want the money to go. “Giving back is what we do,” said Bob Martin, Chairman of the Foundation.

The Bootheel Foundation is a charitable foundation created 12 years ago, in November 2007. The mission is to provide funding to community projects in the areas serviced by Western Bank. The original, main office is located in Lordsburg, NM. Other branches are located in Silver City, NM; Willcox, AZ; and Bisbee, AZ.

In Bisbee, the following non-profit organizations received a donation: Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic, Cochise Family Advocacy Center, Douglas Historical Society, Ecotopia Bisbee Bikeways, and Wreaths Across America.

Bisbee Alternative Therapies Clinic has been providing free alternative therapies to the people of Bisbee for 15 years. Services include, but not limited to, Reiki, massage, and acupuncture. The donation from the Bootheel Foundation will help broaden services including an electrical project so that activities can be held outdoors.

Cochise Family Advocacy Center provides a variety of services to victims of crime, including sexual assault. They help coordinate medical exams, victim advocacy, and forensic interviewing. Two additional services are being added to their program to include a therapy dog and an in-house therapist to expand outreach for teens that have been victims of sexual assault or “date-rape,” filling a gap for a specific population of victims. They expressed gratitude to receive the funding that will go towards their many services.

Douglas Historical Society is largely dependent on four to five volunteers that help with sorting, cataloging, and organizing the many photos and items they have as part of their collection. The donation from Bootheel Foundation will go toward obtaining needed supplies and materials for their efforts.

Ecotopia Bisbee Bikeways has the mission of enhancing and sustaining the public health of Cochise County. Currently, they are working on improving bike paths throughout Bisbee to improve safe access to schools, grocery stores and other locations to help encourage kids to ride, walk, or run outdoors and improve overall wellness.

— Submitted by Western Bank

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