monsoon rainfall graphic

SIERRA VISTA — A late September storm saved the monsoon for Sierra Vista, pushing the 2019 rainfall total for the season just above the norm, according to the National Weather Service in Tucson.

After no measurable rainfall during the first few weeks of the season, July and August picked up a bit in Sierra Vista, with 2.2 inches and 3.42 inches, respectively.

September was well behind the norm until a storm rolled through from Sept. 24-26 that brought 2.88 inches of rain.

For the month of September, Sierra Vista totaled 3.14 inches, according to NWS Tucson meteorologist Maddie Powell.

Though that late-September storm did fall within the monsoon, which ended Sept. 30, Powell said “technically, that wasn’t a monsoon pattern.”

It saved the monsoon for Sierra Vista, though, bringing the total to 8.76 inches, nearly a quarter-inch above the average of 8.53 inches.

Meanwhile, Tombstone got 0.21 inches in June, 2.01 inches in July, 1.67 in August and 2.41 inches in September to total 6.3 inches for the monsoon, according to Powell.

Bisbee was the place to be if you were looking for rain during monsoon in Southeast Arizona. Starting slowly, with only 0.05 inches in June, the mining town got 4.63 inches in July, 4.09 inches in August and 3.06 inches in September, Powell said.

That left Bisbee with 11.83 inches throughout the monsoon. Powell said the July total was above the average of 4.29 for the month, though the August total fell shy of the monthly norm of 4.32 inches.

Prospects for rain in the area in the near future aren’t great, Powell said, as “a lot of the moisture we thought was coming in has skirted east. ... We still kept some chances in there for Friday — about a 40 percent chance — but then after that, chances (drop).”

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