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Popularized by the well-renowned author David Bach, the latte factor has become a big talking point over the last few years.

It has long been said there are only two things that are certain in life: Death and taxes. Because both these topics show up on the “uncomfortable conversation topics” list, I thought they’d be a great combo.

SIERRA VISTA — While the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs gear up for the biggest game of the season this weekend, so are local restaurants and organizations.

Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (AREDF) partnered with the Arizona Commerce Authority, Cochise College Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Administration, Southeast Arizona Hispanic Chamber and Nogales Municipal Government & Economic Development to prov…

I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week. But I hope that the length doesn’t make you think any less of the topic. Take my word for it, it’s important.

Our real estate market is off to a very good start this year. It’s the middle of January and so far this year we have listed 56 homes for sale and a total of 45 homes are already under contract. In the same timeframe, we have closed 64 homes.

You’ve probably heard the news that Instagram is starting to hide public likes on posts. According to the company’s CEO, this move is being made to support the well-being and mental health of users, to remove the pressure of posting perfection and competing in a popularity contest. On a plat…

Mutual funds are an incredibly popular investment choice among many types of investors. They not only provide great diversification, but you also have a professional making the investment decisions for you. So, what’s not to like? Well, a lot of things, so let’s get into it.

SIERRA VISTA — Melany Edwards-Barton was selected to be the permanent chief executive officer of the Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce late last year after working in the area as a realtor with Haymore Real Estate.

Southeast Arizona business owners will have an opportunity on Jan. 16 to learn about cross-border trade at a seminar being put on by the Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation.

What is the most valuable thing you own? For the average American, what is the largest retirement tool? Many studies show that the largest asset on most family’s balance sheets is their home.

Dear M & M: What are some things I can do to perform better in 2020? –Doug

The last 10 years have been an incredible stock market run. It is officially the longest bull run in stock market history. Ask anyone who has invested in the market during this time and they’ll be eager to tell you about their massive returns.

So this is the time of year that we all take a little pause from the hustle and bustle to gather with family and friends to give thanks while celebrating the year’s accomplishments.