SIERRA VISTA — Tom Christenson is melding art and safety together with his new business, Tom’s Window Art.

Christenson and his small team of employees hand-craft windows and doors with metal art in between the panes of glass, to replace metal bars outside of windows often used to protect against break-ins.

He said he came up with the idea to place the metal on the inside rather than on the outside 13 years ago when he saw the traditional bars on house windows and apartments and wondered how the occupants would escape if there was a fire.

However, it was only a year ago that Christenson decided to bring his idea to life. He said he received his patent pending back four months ago and was advised to produce and market his product so no one could steal his idea.

Christenson started his business at the start of the pandemic and admits it wasn’t ideal timing, but he had no other choice than to try and start his business.

“I (thought) I got to do it,” he said. “If I stopped, someone can use my idea. That’s what I couldn’t stop.”

Christenson added he hopes business will pick up as he continues to get the business’ name out and what they do.

Tom’s Window Art features 120 door designs and 500 window designs, all of which were created by Christenson. He noted customers may choose to do a custom design, as they have the ability to draw and cut out the designs with equipment in their workshop, located at 4072 E Monsanto Drive, Sierra Vista.

“I used to draw a lot when I was younger,” Christenson said of his artistic ability. “I’ve always been around metal. I’m a certified welder and fabricator.”

Christenson said customers provide the measurements for the door or window they need, and then they would be able to choose their design based on the size. He estimated it takes roughly four days to complete and price varies based on size and design.

Christenson said while his business can provide home protection, but he also give back to the community. He said he was approached by a soccer coach who wanted to create a steel jersey of one of his players that passed away for the gym and the family, which he did free of charge as a way to give back.

Christenson also said he’d like to work with the Warrior Healing Center and give them a piece to be auctioned off.

Samples of Christenson’s and his team’s work can be found at his website,

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