Bisbee Foundation awards scholarships, grants

Bisbee Foundation members, from left to right, are Sloane Bouchever, Douglas Dunn, Danielle Bouchever and Fred Miller.

Danielle and Sloan Bouchever were awarded the Bisbee Gem Award by Bisbee Foundation President Doug Dunn at their annual Spring Donor party in May.

The award is given annually to those people who have been unstinting in their efforts to build a better Bisbee.

In making the award, Dunn said, “Our community is fortunate to be the recipient of their commitment and generosity. ” The actual Gem Award was designed by Judy Perry (herself a Gem awardee).

The Foundation also acknowledged $7,795 in grant awards to Bisbee Fiber Arts guild, Bisbee Pride, Bisbee Coast Race, Bisbee Arts and Humanities, Central School Project, World Aids Day, Bisbee Community Y, Bisbee Community Chorus, Bisbee After 5, Friends of Copper Queen Library and Bobbi Rodriguez.

Dunn mentioned that $8,700 was given to the following scholarship recipients: Denne Hickman, Luciana Chavez, Maria Sckaff Santo Lazaro, Lilliana Morales, Marla Velazquez, Marissa Meraz, Brittany Lewis, Jocelyn Venegas, Monica Gonzales, Juniper Asaro-Neiderlitz, Karla Petatan Avechuco and Yesenia Venegas.

If you have walked past the Mining and Historical Museum or had occasion to be in or around Higgins Park, or attended an event at the Royale, you would have enjoyed some of the projects made possible by the magnanimity of the Bouchevers.

They have been active in Haiti, helping rural Haitains establish schools and medical clinics, and encouraging female entrepreneurs. And they have given many scholarships to students in Mexico and Cochise County.

Future projects for the husband-and-wife team include funding films related to human rights issues, and working on a film commemorating the life of Amy Ross and Derrick Ross — the much missed “Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl.” They are also working on a children’s music park dedicated to the musical duo.

According to Dunn, “We hope to persuade Bisbee residents that investing in the Bisbee Foundation through bequests, endowments and legacy gifts is one of the best ways to support an enduring dynamic community. We are fortunate in that our relatively small grants make a big difference in the quality of life we enjoy in Bisbee.”

For information about donations, endowments as well as grant and scholarship criteria, visit

The donor party, held this year at the home of Mayor David Smith and Linda Smith, has been an annual event for several years to show appreciation for supporters of Foundation. The Bisbee Foundation is administered by a volunteer board that has a history of keeping administrative costs minimal and pays for the party out of the members’ own pockets. In addition to Dunn, board members are Sylvia Anable, Emily Anderson, Gordon Berry, Charles Bethea, Cathy Clifton, Kathy Flood, Melissa Holden, Margo Macartney, and Fred Miller.