Arizona Historian and Author Doug Hocking

Doug Hocking will deliver a Brown Bag History talk at the new Palace of Art and Theater in downtown Willcox at noon on Thursday.

WILLCOX — Arizona historian and writer Doug Hocking will be delivering a free “Brown Bag History” lesson luncheon at the new Palace of Art and Theater in downtown Willcox, beginning Thursday at noon.

Hocking’s lesson titled “Opening of the American Southwest” will tell the story of Lieutenant William H. Emory.

Lieutenant Emory was a “topical engineer, who rode with General Kearny in the 1846/47 conquest of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Bold Emory, as he was known at West Point, fought beside the general at the Battle of San Pascual,” according to a flier for the brown bag lunch.

”Throughout his trek from Missouri to California, he recorded the terrain, its people, ruins, flora and fauna. His map opened the Southern Emigrant Road to travel and his published work introduced the Southwest to the American People and established the need for the Gadsden Purchase.”

Hocking’s luncheon is part of a monthly event series presented by Willcox Theater and Art and Sulphur Springs Valley Historical Society that runs until the theater’s holiday break from live events, beginning later in November and running through January.

According to Willcox Theater and Arts, if you attend Hocking’s ‘Brown Bag History’ lesson then you “will learn about the history of the area.”