Brua shelter surgical room

Construction has begun on the new surgical room at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center.

SIERRA VISTA — The Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center is undergoing an expansion.

Once completed, an area on the east side of the shelter next to the facility’s front entrance will house a surgical room where shelter pets can undergo exams and such routine surgeries as spaying and neutering.

The new addition, which is currently under construction, is funded through a bequest of more than $286,000 from the estate of Georgette Sperry Huna, said Arleen Garcia, the Sierra Vista animal control supervisor who oversees the shelter’s operations.

Garcia expects the 750-square-foot room will take about four months to complete.

“We currently have contracts with Coronado Animal Hospital, New Frontier Animal Medical Center and Jackson Veterinary Services for animal care that we will be able to have done on-site once the room is completed,” Garcia said. “This is something we’ve wanted for several years now. We’ll be able to do spays, neuters, exams and vaccinations without having to transport animals to another facility, which is a huge benefit for the animals.”

Kathryn Honda, hospital administrator for New Frontier, also weighed in on the new addition.

“The animals will be able to have surgeries same day, which allows them to go home the day of the procedure and be adopted sooner,” she said. “Another advantage of an on-site surgical facility is that it lowers the animal’s stress level when they don’t have to be transported to another location. We’re very excited for the City of Sierra Vista to have this opportunity and are looking forward to creating new relationships with future pet owners.”

The ability to send newly adopted animals home the day of a surgery has the added benefit of freeing up kennel space, Garcia said.

“We’ll have empty kennels sooner because pets will be able to go home the day they’re adopted,” she said.

The funding pays for the facility’s construction only, which means the shelter will seek other funding sources for equipment.

“We had budgeted a certain amount of money for equipment, but we’ll definitely need to purchase more,” Garcia said.

“We’re very excited about this facility and are grateful to the family of Georgette Huna for this generous donation,” she said. “I’ve always wanted a veterinary clinic for our shelter animals. This wonderful donation represents a huge step forward for the shelter and the animals we house there.”


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