Five years ago, Janet Amos was in poor health, bed-ridden, struggling with the debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Despite medications and daily injections, her health continued to decline, requiring the use of a wheelchair for day-to-day mobility, along with being heavily dependent on her husband, Jeff Amos, for assistance.

Life-changing turning point

Looking at her today, it’s almost impossible to imagine this vibrant business woman — founder of home-based KetoLuscious Bakery, which is based in Tucson, but sells its goods at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market — has health issues.

“I was extremely ill because of the MS,” said Amos, who shares her transition from a life of debilitation and dependance to the much healthier lifestyle she enjoys today. Now a successful entrepreneur, Amos credits her improved health and business success to a dietary program — the ketogenic therapeutic diet — she and her husband have followed for five years with what they describe as “remarkable results.”

“MRIs showed that I had lesions on my brain, I could hardly walk, had trouble talking, I was experiencing tremors and could hardly see,” said Janet Amos, describing her condition five years ago. “I was always sick, using a wheelchair to get around and I felt like my life had been reduced to a mere existence. I thought to myself, ‘I can’t keep living this way.’ ”

That’s when she decided it was time to make some serious changes. Determined to tackle MS head-on, Amos started researching food and biochemistry, which led her to the ketogenic lifestyle.

“I learned that grain was feeding the inflammation in my body, so I got rid of all the grain and sugar in my diet, lost weight and my health improved dramatically,” Amos said. “My MS episodes are gone, the lesions in my brain from the MS have disappeared and in a very short time; my life turned around. So, I’ve been following the ketogenic therapeutic lifestyle for five years and have never looked back.”

Launching KetoLuscious Bakery

After talking to people who were following the ketogenic diet, Amos said the biggest complaint she heard was how much they missed breads and sweets.

“I officially started KetoLuscious Bakery on April 18, 2019,” said Amos, who had already been following keto-compliant recipes for five years before launching the business.

With a license to cook for the public, Amos now has three commercial ovens in her home and five refrigerators.

“As with any new business, Jeff and I had no idea what to expect when we started this endeavor,” Janet said. “There were no keto bakeries in Tucson, and since starting my business in April, my sales have quadrupled. The bakery has gotten so big, it’s a full-time business. I work six days a week and spend about 20 hours a day in the kitchen.”

Jeff, who helps in the kitchen with some of the prep work, said he’s amazed by how well received Janet’s baked items have been.

“It’s been a phenomenal journey,” he said. “Once Janet decided to start a bakery, she jumped in with both feet and went for it. We had the business going within days and the response has been amazing. There is such a niche for something like this because people who are on keto crave sugars, wheat and pasta. Janet has provided a way for them to satisfy a need that they weren’t getting while following the keto diet.”

Along with assisting in the kitchen, Jeff, a retired accountant, does the nutrition labels for Janet’s baked products so people can track how many carbs, proteins and calories they’re consuming.

“I help out as much as I can,” he said. “I’m very proud of Janet and how well she’s done with this business.”

When Janet started the bakery in mid-April 2018, the business did $600 in total sales that month. The next month, her sales jumped to $1,200 and hit $3,000 in June. At the end of July 2018, sales had reached $6,500 and they just keep climbing, Jeff Amos said.

The bakery’s top sellers are pecan sandies cookies, followed closely by the jalapeno cheddar bagels. Also topping the list of favorites are cinnamon raisin bagels and chocolate chip cookies.

“We’ve been eating keto so long that I can look at recipes and figure out how to make them 100 percent keto-compliant,” Janet Amos said. “I know how to modify regular recipes to make them compliant and I create my own recipes.”

When people eat keto, they eat less because they eliminate all wheat, gluten and sugars from their diet and replace them with fat, she said.

“Your body starts burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates and your weight drops. People with Type 2 diabetes benefit from the keto-genic program, as do people who suffer from complications associated with obesity. By following the ketogenic lifestyle, you reduce inflammation in your body and are much healthier.”

Following her “Eating to Live vs. Living to Eat” motto, Janet says she can cook almost anything without grain or sugar while creating an enjoyable, savory or sweet product.

“I don’t miss anything,” she said. “I don’t miss the pain and discomfort I was having. I don’t miss my wheelchair, or the poisons the doctors wanted me to take on a daily basis to treat my symptoms. I am now living instead of existing.”

For a complete list of KetoLuscious Bakery items, visit the website at The business phone number is 520-481-6406.

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