Kristine Wolfe has published her first book, which was released last week. The book is a psychological thriller titled 'Fractions of Sanity.'

One author in town with her new fiction book is providing readers a chance to examine different life topics and themes.

Kristine Wolfe launched her first novel, “Fractions of Sanity,” a psychological thriller, last Saturday. The book’s beginnings stemmed from a writing competition known as NYC Midnight. Every writer is given a genre and must complete a 1,000-word piece in 48 hours. Wolfe placed second out of 6,000 people last year.

Wolfe used her submission piece as the prologue for “Fractions of Sanity.” It took her about a year to write the book.

The items she had to include in the NYC Midnight submission were mystery, a lock of hair and and airport lobby. Wolfe was able to combine those elements in her story of a woman who’s leaving the country with her husband’s lock of hair.

“The book is actually basically about whether or not if she was the one that killed her husband,” she said.

Wolfe was a Sierra Vista City Council member from 2016 to 2020 and is owner of the wine and beer bar Hoppin’ Grapes in Sierra Vista.

When the pandemic began, Wolfe had to temporarily close her bar, so she delved into the field of writing.

“We got shut down and I had time on my hands,” she said.

She started submitting writing pieces to different contests.

Wolfe completed her undergraduate degree at Valparaiso University in Indiana and attended law school at William and Mary University in Williamsburg, Virginia.

She is beginning work on her second novel as she continues to market “Fractions of Sanity.” The book is sold on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing and can be downloaded through Kindle or purchased as a hard copy.

Along with family and work obligations, among many other tasks, writing the novel had its challenges.

“It’s just finding time,” she said.

She said writing down an idea and coming up with a first draft is important when one is writing a novel.

“Just write it down,” she said. “You can’t edit nothing.”

Wolfe is working on a second book that will focus on younger adults and their interactions.

“What I really like is the relationships between the people and when certain things happen, like how much does that affect you?” she said.

Wolfe said one of the main themes of “Fractions of Sanity” is based on the idea of how much does one care if their husband is having an affair and how much of an impact it will have, along with the possibility of losing their livelihood.

“That’s what is really interesting to me,” she said. “The dynamic, the questions, the relationships and the things that you deal with every day, and you make these choices every day, but why?”