Do a better job on candidate presentations

To the editor:

Sunday, August 30th Sierra Vista Herald’s editorial was “several days late and at least a dollar short.” Providing the voters with Mr. Crosby’s positions on water issues; grant funds for things like multi-use paths; and the need for a County Administrator and other staff members after the election makes me wonder what the outcome of the Primary Only race for Cochise County Supervisor District One might have been. Would he have won by a larger margin, or would the end result have been much different?

The article in the Herald on July 9th outlining the qualifications and positions of several candidates including Mr. Crosby’s makes no mention of his track record on the Sierra Vista City Council. This record, as recorded in several Herald articles over his single term on the City Council, would, if we had been reminded, given us more complete overview of what he stands for. He was, apparently, very good at disruption.

Why didn’t your editorial staff remind voters of this before the election, not after? Perhaps the paper should re-think its stance on candidate endorsements or at least do a better check of prior positions.

Judy Gignac

Sierra Vista