SIERRA VISTA — Providing another option to get rid of pain is what Kynetic Wellness is all about.

Ann Lebeck, sports medicine physician and owner of Kynetic Health + Wellness, is helping hundreds of people with their chronic pain and acute injuries with nonsurgical or non-narcotic methods.

“We’re all athletes,” she said. “(I look at) how I can help your athletic ability. I’m looking at movement.”

Lebeck said the procedures she administers for chronic pain involves using the healing properties the body already makes. Platelet-rich plasma procedures are injections of the patient's own platelets to the tendon, ligament, muscle or joint that is injured to accelerate the healing process and improve musculoskeletal problems.

“I just want everybody to be as healthy as possible,” Lebeck said. “Most people don’t need a second (injection of PRP).”

Lebeck started providing PRP injections to patients on Fort Huachuca five years ago. Working with those actively in the military she has administered 5,000 PRP injections.

“The need grew too much for one person,” she said. “There is a need for what I do here.”

For more than a year Lebeck planned on opening her own practice, with the hope of being able to help more people, since she was only able to help active military while working on Fort Huachuca. In September she opened Kynetic Health + Wellness at 3533 Canyon De Flores, Suite A, in Sierra Vista. Lebeck is seeing patients from across the county and the state.

The name for her business, Kynetic Health + Wellness, comes from her practice of looking at the kinetic system and making sure it’s functioning. She said knee pain may be a symptom of something else being wrong. All treatments are personalized to the patient. Kynetic Health + Wellness recently hired a physical therapist technician to help to offer more for patients.

“I think Sierra Vista chose me,” Lebeck said. “This is a great community (and) we have a good quality of life here. I want to make sure I give everybody everything they need.”

When Lebeck and her team opened her doors they had 10 patients. Now they see at least 15 patients a day. Lebeck said because of the support and success they’ve had in such a short amount of time they are six months ahead in their business plan.

“We’re doing something right,” Lebeck said. “Anybody and everybody can see us.”

Being a sports physician is a second career for Lebeck. Her first career was as a registered nurse. She decided to go to medical school because of her career as a nurse. Lebeck said she was always asking “why” when it came to diagnoses and processes. She graduated from medical school in 2007. At first she wanted to be a surgeon but then saw there were alternatives for surgeries.

“Ninety-five percent of musculoskeletal injuries don’t need surgery,” Lebeck said. “In my career I’ve never prescribed a narcotic in my career.”

Owning her own business wasn’t what Lebeck saw herself doing but because of client demand she decided it was the best thing to do.

“It just organically happened,” she said. “I never hit roadblocks despite COVID.”

In her limited free time Lebeck helps the athletic community in Cochise County. This past football season she walked the sidelines of Tombstone High School football field to be available in case of injuries during games and to help prevent injuries by being watchful at their practices. She is also serving as the volunteer team physician for the new semi-professional football team, the Sierra Vista Apaches.

“I think it’s the right thing to do,” Lebeck said about giving back to the community. “ I want to leave a legacy with the clinic. I haven’t been happier.”