Small but mighty, despite its size Cochise County has an amazing diversity of businesses. There are companies to fill every need, vendors offering useful products and services, not to mention incredibly talented craftsmen, artisans, chefs, and more.

There are so many in fact, that even long-time residents don’t know about the variety available to us locally!

Solution: A Neighborhood Market

The Neighborhood Market began as a way to support and promote local businesses, while bringing people together with good food and in a good environment for an enjoyable evening.

The events were successful and grew quickly. To facilitate the growing events and expand even more, a new property was bought to allow Neighborhood Market events to go on in any kind of weather. The new location includes indoor/outdoor areas, better parking and lighting for Food-Truck-Friday.

More was needed

As excited as we are to start these live events up again… we have realized that more is needed to keep local businesses afloat. The growing trend in business is online availability and ecommerce capabilities. Recent events have given added weight to this trend and shown that no matter the size of a business, you may not be able to survive - much less thrive - if you aren’t online. To make sure the community can find you, even in a smaller one like ours, it is important to leverage social media, make your products and services available online, and get listed in every directory possible.

But going virtual can be expensive and overwhelming.

The average cost to get your own ecommerce site up and running can range from $5-$10,000, while the monthly hosting fees can average around $300, not including the yearly cost for a domain name or any of the design or content creation costs. Accomplishing this alone it may be defeating, but together we win! By bringing local businesses together into one online neighborhood market, we can create an affordable and easy way for everyone to get online.

Take the Market to the neighborhood, virtually!

We set out to create a means to advertise, promote, celebrate, and assist our community’s businesses and vendors. This way, no matter what happens, we can continue to grow and prosper in any kind of situation. Now that the Neighborhood Market will also be online, business owners in Cochise County can expand their reach, become known throughout the community, and build a solid customer base to last. We have worked hard to create affordable options to fit any size of business, as well as a team that can make the process quick and easy.

Together we win. Let’s make this the year your business grows to new levels. Join the online movement by becoming a virtual vendor in the Neighborhood Market today by calling Stephanie Cantu at 520-226-1582 or visit starting Oct. 1!

Submitted by Stephanie Cantu, Market Manager