Moniek James (LATEST SHOT, USE THIS GOING FORWARD -- 03/24/20)

Moniek James

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited to welcome the new vibrance that a new year brings, and 2020 had me especially eager for a flip of the calendar. Whether you make personal resolutions or not, you’ve probably set goals for your business this year, which is a great start. I believe that setting business goals helps us aim our activities toward a destination, and the content that we create and publish can help make those goals our reality.

Creating and publishing content is a form of marketing. Your business may rely on specific types (written word, live broadcast, audio) on specific platforms (Facebook, your website, Spotify), but the ultimate objective is always the same: to make money. The opportunity that a new year offers is deciding how you make the money you want within the next 12 months.

If you decided 2021 would be the year that you got serious about selling more of your products to your online audiences, your content will help you do it. The messages you publish can intentionally, directly and purposefully show the value of your products. You’ll have the ability to create conversations in a variety of ways, using a variety of platforms to directly align with the customer that you want to attract. Your content would highlight the benefits of your products and show all the ways it makes your customers’ lives better.

Do you want to be paid to speak this year? Take a look at your content from the perspective of the people that would hire you, what would they need to see and hear from you? What type of content would you need to create in order to be considered? If you want to be seen as a resource in a specific area, use your content to plant and nurture the seeds of that identity. What’s great about social media is the ability to publish as often as we want, strengthening our message every time we share new content.

Setting goals creates clarity and gives business owners the confidence they need to stay consistent with their activities. Once you identify your goal, I recommend that every piece of content you publish be in alignment with what you want. I’ve always believed that content creates a path for business growth, and competition for attention will continue to grow this year. Once you’re clear on your goal you give yourself an anchor, something foundational that will guide the type of content that you’ll be inspired to create.

Moniek James is a serial entrepreneur and nerd who helps small business owners use social media to be more awesome online. Find her at where she shares her favorite entrepreneurial hacks and musings.