SIERRA VISTA — The Outside Inn announced on Facebook Friday morning that the establishment is “permanently closed.”

Owners Patrick and Ayana Malarchik took over the building, located at 4907 S. Highway 92 in Sierra Vista, from long-time previous owners David and Dawn Bain in July 2017. Patrick, who is a Buena High School graduate, was the chef and worked at the establishment years before taking it over. The Outside Inn has been a staple to the Sierra Vista for 27 years.

“When my wife and I offered to take the business over, and the Bains agreed, it was quite a relief,” Patrick told the Herald/Review when he and his wife took over in 2017. “The Outside Inn is Sierra Vista, why take that away from the community?”

The couple told the Herald/Review they could could not comment on the specific details as to why they chose to close the doors due to legal reasons.

There were dozens of comments on the social media post, sharing sad feelings about the well-known eatery being closed as well as confusion on whether or not the restaurant was in fact moving to a new location.

Patrick and Ayana aren’t abandoning the community despite the closure. They are preparing their new venture, Tandem Upscale Dining and Lounge, at the Windermere which opens later this week. For more information on their new location, check out Tuesday’s Business section of the Herald/Review.

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