SIERRA VISTA — The Outside Inn will soon be in again, now that a new owner is preparing to reopen the popular eatery by the end of January.

Chris Bourlier, a longtime Sierra Vista resident and tax preparer, hopes to have the high-end cafe up and running with a “kitchen full of people” cooking up steaks, seafood, prime rib and more.

“I think Sierra Vista needs a fine-dining restaurant,” the 72-year-old Bourlier said in a recent telephone interview. “I used to come here under both (former) owners.”

Indeed, the Outside Inn, located at 4907 S. State Highway 92, has had several iterations in its 27 years in the city. The most recent owners, Patrick and Ayana Malarchik, bought it in July 2017 from then-proprietors David and Dawn Bain. The latter had owned it for more than two decades.

The Malarchiks, however, decided to close the eatery this past September. They opened a new restaurant at the Windemere Hotel called Tandem Upscale Dining and Lounge. The couple told the Herald/Review in September that they could not discuss the closure of the Outside Inn because of legal reasons.

While Bourlier said he will be “overseeing” the new Outside Inn, his daughter-in-law Shanti Efthymious will be the chef. Bourlier said two other chefs will be in the kitchen, as well, including one from Texas that his daughter Maya Efthymious hopes to hire.

“We’ve only been at this project for two weeks,” Bourlier said.

He said the interior of the 2,000-square-foot restaurant has been repainted and new artwork purchased. Electrical work is being done. He would not say how much money has been spent on renovations, but said he is renting the building from the owner.

Hours of operation also are being worked out, but Bourlier said there will be lunch and dinner, as well as a Sunday brunch. There are 15 tables and 65 chairs, but at the moment there are no plans for outdoor seating.

“We will have fine dining — steaks, seafood, prime rib,” Bourlier said. “We’re still working out the menu. We will also have a full bar with a large selection of wine.”

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