Some new happenings are unfolding in the local fitness community.

As of May 11, Chris and Susie Betancourt, along with Darren and KC Crowe, have taken the reins of ownership for Summit Fitness. The group of Sierra Vista residents under Sierra Vista Management LP have joined with Hank Diaz, owner and founder of Buena Health and Fitness, to create a partnership to allow for a variety of expanded benefits and new amenities for both fitness facilities. Both gyms will continue under their own operations.

“It made sense to offer the services together and they both offer unique things, but we think it makes us very competitive to be able to offer services at both,” Darren Crowe said.

The former owners of Summit Fitness, Mike and Janet Strange, have recently retired from the business. Summit Fitness has been in business for 15 years while Buena Health and Fitness was founded in 1980.

The new merger will allow for Buena Health and Fitness to be a 24-hour facility. The gym will undergo remodeling and expand the programs the gym offers. Members will have access to both gyms.

According to a press release from the new ownership, Summit Fitness will be honoring all membership sales, tanning packages, juice cards, drink cards, kids room punch cards and training packages under prior ownership.

Summit Fitness will have a spa/recovery room featuring body massage chairs, infrared therapy, HydroMassage technology and a lounge area. The facility is looking to add a massage therapist to the team. There will be an expansion of the gym floor with additional equipment.

“Our idea is to bring something that other gyms in the community offer so we can have those options at our gym,” Susie Betancourt said.

KC Crowe explained that the group is exploring the option to have tiered memberships based on what a member would like to participate in and that will set the membership rate. The group said there will be not an increase in rates at Summit Fitness.

“The encouragement is that you want to see people be healthy,” Chris Betancourt said. “Not everybody is going to be a bodybuilder or in that genre, or power lifters. “But you get in a gym atmosphere and you can get people healthy with classes, traditional workouts, with hybrid workouts.”

The group said time will be the biggest factor in implementing the additional features at both gyms.

Though membership has been picking up, during the brunt of the pandemic, Summit Fitness saw a decrease of half of all members. Now that the gym facilities will merge, there is hope membership will increase again.

“It’s an exciting challenge for us,” Chris Betancourt said. “We think we can do well. We look forward to what we can do at both facilities.”