WILLCOX — Two important meetings are coming regarding local government budgeting and community development proposals.

The first is a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Wednesday, April 14, at 9 a.m. During that meeting the commission, including City Councilman Paul Sheats, will be discussing the results of the 2021 Housing and Community Development needs survey, as well as “upcoming regulatory options in response to citizen housing needs.”

According to City Manager Caleb Blaschke, mother-in-law quarters and accessory dwelling housing units are going to be the two major topics of conversation during the discussion and “the majority of folks (out in Willcox) are in favor of mother-in-law quarters.”

“City council just needs to go back and revise and update their definition of accessory dwellings,” Blaschke said. “As of right now it can mean a hundred different things,”

The second meeting will be a city council meeting Thursday, April 15, at 5:30 p.m. at council chambers. During the meeting the topics of conversation will be: Approval of annexations to the city in order to “increase its corporate limits,” amending the city of Willcox municipal regulations and a “discussion on (the) Marketing and Tourism budget.”

Recaps of these meetings will be in a future edition of the Herald/Review.