Dear Mrs. C:

We just PCS’ed to the area from overseas.

To be real honest, our two high-school kids were a bit apprehensive about coming to such a large high school. We decided on Buena because of all the classes, clubs, and sports that you offer.

And … we are not disappointed! Although one of our kids had a schedule change (was done to level classes), both are very pleased overall, and have transitioned well. We all feel very warmly welcomed by the staff and teachers. Just wanted to pass on that compliment.

Signed: Pleased Parents of Pair of Kids

Dear PP’s of P of K’s:

Thank you! Yes, we get that a lot. “Big, but well-run and friendly.”

With Big comes lots of activity, lots of student chatter, and a myriad of opportunities for your kiddos to check out. Speaking of that, Buena’s first home football game will be Friday, Aug. 30. Hope to see you and your crew there.

Speaking of ‘Big’ (seven acres under one roof!), in case you haven’t seen the Klein Center for the Performing Arts yet (Buena’s Performing Arts Center), prepare for your jaw to drop. “Wow! This facility is larger than some colleges have.” True that!

Regarding your children (let’s call them Waldo and Waldette), I would avoid saying, “Hey! Knock off the mega-watt smiles and grins. If you are normal, you must complain about something school-related – too much homework, not enough passing time between classes (there is enough time),”, that Buena doesn’t provide free organic, non-processed vita-waters or Perrier, to all students upon request, etc.

Rather, you might try this approach: “Darlins’, you have once again seamlessly adapted to a new school, and it appears this is the best one yet! Dad and I will look forward asking you this evening which clubs you plan to check out. Will it be Criminal Justice? Key Club? Auto club? Military Child Unite? Greek Club? Creative Writing? National Art Honor Society? Dad and I wish we could morph back in time and join you two in the hallowed halls. But, for now, we’ll just plan to attend the first home football game – Buena Colts vs. Sahuaro Cougars.

Thanks, nice Mom, for your kind words, and know that Waldo and Waldette are in for a great year.

- Mrs. C

ELAINE CARLSON is a Buena High School counselor. Questions can be sent to her at

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