Dear Mrs. C:

Our son, “Waldo”, is new to Buena – we are with the military, and he was in a DOD school over in Europe.

His Dad and I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome he received at your school. He has been to quite a few schools, but this was his first time going from one high school to another, so he was a bit nervous. He loves his classes, and has even joined a sport. In fact, he has run into several students he knew at DODs schools overseas.


Grateful Parents

Dear GP’s:

Wow – thanks for the kind words. You are very welcome!

We find that students from military families are – for the most part – quite resilient, and adapt quickly to Buenaland. Your Waldo sounds like he verifies that.

Most of us in Arizona are from elsewhere, so we appreciate when newcomers arrive, and sure try to help them adjust quickly.

I would avoid saying to Waldo, “Gosh darn it! You have failed to show any anxiety at all since entering Buena! You just jumped in, did your homework, made friends, and seem to be having a great time. Nobody can be that perfect.

"So … turn that smile upside down, and show us a frown! We don’t want to think you are abnormal, and have to turn you into the Smile Police. That would be sooooo annoying!"

Rather, you might try this approach: “Waldo, darlin’, from Germany to Sierra Vista …. one high school to another. And such a seamless transition. Good on you! You are one friendly guy – ‘it takes a friend to be a friend’ type of thing. You got this friend thing nailed, buddy bud! We are sooooo proud of you! Now….assignment….since we are also new to this neighborhood, and haven’t had time to meet too many of the neighbors – favor to ask – could you please organize a little open-house/get-together so that we can meet the peeps in our hood?”

Oops – almost forgot to say ‘Welcome to Sierra Vista!’ Our town is enriched by the likes of you folks. Keep up the good work with your Waldo!

-Mrs. C

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