Sierra Vista Unified School District prepares to launch its district-wide Summer Academy, designed as both a summer remediation and enrichment program.

SVUSD Public Information Officer Valerie Weller said the academy will run June 7-July 16, Monday through Friday, with registration opening March 31.

“The Summer Academy is designed to offer remediation opportunities for students who need it and enrichment opportunities for those that want it,” said Weller in an email. “We know that this past year has been difficult and the Summer Academy is our way of thanking our students and parents for their support by offering this opportunity to brush up on needed skills and have some fun along with way.”

Weller said the academy is free for all students who live within SVUSD boundaries. It is open to students who reside outside of the district, but they will have a $300 enrollment fee and will have to provide their own transportation.

SVUSD plans to host the Summer Academy at Bella Vista Elementary, Carmichael Elementary, Town & Country Elementary, Village Meadows Elementary, Joyce Clark Middle School and Buena High School.

“The elementary sites may change based on enrollment but our hope is to have enough students enroll where all four sites will be open,” said Weller.

Weller said specific times will be assigned for elementary, middle and high school students to attend the enrichment and remediation classes.

“Elementary academy will be from 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m., middle school 8:50 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and high school from 9:20 a.m.-3 p.m.,” said Weller. “Each day will be divided into four periods and accommodate a lunch period and recess time. There will also be breakfast offered beginning 30 minutes prior to each start time. Breakfast and lunch will be free to all students for the Summer Academy.”

Weller said the district is working on finalizing the enrichment class schedule, but said it will include instruction on art, sports, dance, technology and music.

“We have several SVUSD employees who have signed up to share their personal passion in enrichment classes and also have several community members who have agreed to teach enrichment classes,” said Weller.

Weller said the district plans on offering courses in art, Zumba, intramural sports, beginning dance, art history, theatre arts, tech/coding, beginning sewing, steel drum/taiko drum, German/Spanish/French cultures through song and dance, culinary arts, band, auto shop and painting/drawing.

Enrichment courses will be offered to students based on their grade level. Weller said the schedule can change depending on enrollment.

Weller said the remediation programs will be offered in math and English language arts for grades K-6.

“We will have credit recovery options at the middle and high school for those students much like the standard summer school program,” said Weller. “Students and parents will be encouraged to take remediation by their teachers in order to help the students succeed.

“Parents and students can also sign up for remediation classes if they just want to brush up on those skills before entering the next grade.”

Funding for the program, excluding transportation fees, is covered by the funds the district received from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.

Weller said nearly 700 families expressed interest in the program based on the parent survey the district distributed about the academy.

The district is in the process of interviewing and hiring coordinators for the academy.

Weller said parents will be able to register their children for the academy through the district’s website or through paper forms available at each of the schools within the district.