THS Salutatorian Christina Tucker

Tombstone High School Salutatorian Christina Tucker will be attending Northern Arizona University to study criminology, with aspirations of becoming an FBI agent. 

Tombstone High School Salutatorian Christina Tucker has been in the Tombstone Unified School District for seven years, starting at Huachuca City School.

The daughter of Eric and Melanie Tucker, Christina’s family lives in Huachuca City.

Tucker finished high school with a 3.85 grade point average and earned the distinction of Tombstone’s 2022 salutatorian.

When graduates walk onto Mike Hayhurst field on Thursday to “Pomp and Circumstance,” Tucker says she’ll be thinking about generations of graduates that have walked before her.

“The class of 2022 is the school’s centennial graduating class, and being part of the centennial class is a little surreal,” she said. “It’s amazing to think about the people who have graduated before me, starting with the old high school in 1922.”

She also spoke of photos displayed throughout the school’s hallways, with images of graduates dating back to the school’s early years.

“When I look at those old pictures, I sit back and think about how different it was back then. It’s really cool to see how the times have changed through the years, leading all the way to my generation.”

While reflecting on her high school years, Tucker said she appreciated her teachers and their willingness to help with challenging classes.

“I’m grateful for the fact that the teachers were always there for me, helping with school work when I needed extra help. They worked with me to help me understand difficult concepts.”

When it comes to high school memories, Tucker said she looked forward to eating lunch every day with her boyfriend, Elijah Allen.

“I had a lot of amazing high school experiences, but I especially appreciated the simple things,” she said.

Tucker also valued the friendships she made through her school years.

“I didn’t really participate in extracurricular activities, but I spent time with my friends and studied with them,” she said. “When you go through school with the same classmates every year, you get to know each other really well.”

Tucker will be attending Northern Arizona University to study criminology and aspires to become an FBI agent.

She manages to stay busy with her hobbies of horseback riding, reading, learning about history, exploring and cycling.

Her parting words of advice to future graduates are to keep trying, even when things get tough.

“I know high school can be hard, but remember to push through the challenges and learn to have fun through all the stressful times. Get assignments done quickly, and learn to reward yourself when everything is off your shoulders.”