Cochise College’s Center for Lifelong Learning is hosting three summer semester field trips led by Glenn Minuth. Two trips involve the county’s significant agricultural activities including a large dairy operation and exploration of the wine terroir of the Sulphur Springs Valley while the other is an overnight trip to some of the county’s lesser-known and off-the-beaten-path museums.

Cochise County’s Dairy Industry: Celebrate National Dairy Month and start your summer with a technical tour of a large Cochise County dairy, owned by an out-of-state-corporation. You will witness the main functions of the modern dairy barn covering topics such as milking parlors, cow care, cow feed, pasteurization, and sustainability efforts. Before departing to the dairy, there will be a lecture on the role Arizona plays in the dairy industry. Enrollment deadline is Thursday, June 13. Saturday, June 22, Lecture 7 – 9 a.m., Field Trip: Departs 9 a.m. and returns 3 p.m. Sierra Vista Campus Cost is $79.

Terroir in Southeast Arizona’s Wine Country: What does terroir really mean? This course features a pre-trip briefing the evening before you depart. Discussion will cover the difference among American Viticultural Areas (and their other international counterparts). You can learn about wine terroir concepts specifically related to the Sulphur Springs Valley vineyards and compare them to French and Argentine proxy locations. The tour itself will feature an enroute orientation stop near the Willcox Playa to examine the geomorphological setting in the Sulphur Springs Valley to hone your understanding of the local geology and soils. Then, you will visit two wineries in the northern Sulphur Springs Valley to converse about the impact of climate, soil and topography on terroir. Wine tastings at the wineries are optional. If you participate, there will be out-of-pocket cost. Enrollment deadline is Wednesday, July 3. Friday, July 12Lecture 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Downtown Center. Field Trip: Saturday, July 1, Depart 7 a.m. and returns 5:30 p.m., Sierra Vista Campus. Cost: $89

1,2,3 Museums!: During this two-day trip, you can identify unique history, landscapes and hidden treasures by visiting museums located in your nearby area. On Saturday, Glenn will take you to the Chiricahua Regional Museum and Research Center in Willcox, a western history museum honoring the cultural heritage of the region. Then, see the last operating silver screen cowboy museum, honoring Rex Allen aka Mister Cowboy. Next, travel to Portal and enrich your knowledge of current research and conservation programs at the American Museum of Natural History’s Southwest Research Station. On Sunday engage your serpent senses in the Chiricahua Desert Museum in Rodeo, New Mexico, where they specialize in live rare reptiles, botanical gardens and Native American artifacts. Bring a sack lunch for Saturday, beverages and water container. Cost includes transportation, lodging in Portal, instruction and entrance fees. No host meals are: Saturday evening, Sunday breakfast in Portal and return lunch in Willcox. Enrollment deadline is Thursday, August 8. Saturday, August 24Departs 8 a.m., Sunday, Aug. 25 and returns 3 p.m., Sierra Vista Campus

Cost: $245 Single, $195 Double

Submitted by Glenn Minuth

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