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REGION — Cochise County Superintendent of Schools Jacqui Clay and members of her staff are working on the following countywide projects.

SUNSITES — The second Willcox Water Project workshop got underway Wednesday with an informative presentation in a way that captured the attention of the dozens of people who came to hear about the Willcox aquifer and how their wells might be affected by drawdown.

BISBEE — The letter from the Cochise County Board of Supervisors supporting U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s efforts to obtain the plans for the border barrier along the San Pedro River has led the congresswoman to once again knock on doors at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

BISBEE — Though the Cochise County Board of Supervisors has little influence in federal matters, Tom Borer, Ann English and Peggy Judd unanimously agreed to reach out to U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in a letter giving their support for her efforts to engage the federal government in talks about…

COUNTY — Cell phone towers in Agua Prieta have been wreaking havoc for Cochise County Sheriff’s personnel in Douglas, interrupting deputies’ abilities to send information to the county’s communications center and vice versa, officials said Tuesday.

REGION — With the Cochise County’s five animal control officers sometimes traveling over 85 miles one way to transport abandoned, abused or stray animals to a shelter, the Sheriff’s Office is pushing for a new county facility.

SIERRA VISTA — The Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes Gov. Doug Ducey as he presents his 2020 State of the State-Sierra Vista, taking place at the Cochise College Student Union, 901 North Colombo Ave., Bldg. 1000, in Sierra Vista, on Feb. 26. This is the first time the governor h…

BISBEE — Cochise County on Tuesday rescinded a trash bin agreement with a  contractor for two roll-off trash containers that were originally directed to the Coronado National Memorial, but then were redirected to the border to aid in pre-border-wall-construction brush cleanup.

SIERRA VISTA — More than $650,000 in grant money was awarded Wednesday to 16 organizations with new ideas designed to help the less-fortunate in the community — from hungry children to distressed veterans and people suffering with Alzheimer’s.

BISBEE — In 2006, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors put in place a policy called the Owner-Builder Opt Out (OBOO) to allow property owners in the rural areas to build a home or other structures themselves, without having to pay for all the costly inspections and plan review fees.

SIERRA VISTA — The homeless population in Cochise County has decreased, officials said Tuesday, with fewer camps in the washes and open areas that are hidden from the population’s view.

BISBEE – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division will conduct a rural tour to share information with community leaders about telecommunications issues and resources.

NACO and BISBEE — Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman was in Cochise County on Thursday where she visited schools in Naco and Bisbee.

SIERRA VISTA — “Educators, parents and communities need to work together as a system to give kids motivation, purpose and direction,” Jacqui Clay, Cochise County Superintendent of Schools, said during the 2020 Innovations in Education Conference earlier this week.

SIERRA VISTA — The Tohono O’odham Nation is gravely concerned about the numerous waivers issued for border wall construction after human remains were unearthed across the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument near Quitobaquito Springs within the 60-foot Roosevelt Reservation, land the federal …

SIERRA VISTA — Through collaboration and partnerships, Cochise County Superintendent of Schools Jacqui Clay is working on strategies to sustain “long-term educational and community relationships.”

REGION — Cochise County Superintendent of Schools Jacqui Clay is in the process of implementing ‘stock inhalers’ for schools across the county.