PHOENIX — Arizona Department of Water Resources field hydrologists will be conducting a basin sweep to collect water level measurements in the eastern part of Cochise County stretching from the border with Mexico north to San Simon, according to ADWR Public Information Officer Shauna Evans in a press release.

Beginning the week of Jan. 4 and continuing for several months, ADWR field services staff will be making an extensive effort to measure water levels in wells in the Willcox, Douglas, San Bernardino Valley and San Simon basins.

ADWR staff will attempt to measure water levels at hundreds of wells in these groundwater basins. This survey of wells, called “basin sweeps,” will be the first such basin survey of the area since 2015.

The data collected will be analyzed and used to obtain a comprehensive overview of the groundwater conditions and to support scientific and water management planning efforts. Uses of the data will include analysis of water-level trends, groundwater modeling, water-level change maps, hydrologic reports and water source management.

For information regarding the planned basin sweep, contact Evans at or 602-771–8079.