County administrator takes state job

County Administrator Ed Gilligan will take a new job as the Supreme Court’s Division Director of Adult Probation Services. Gilligan has 17 years of experience in probation and previously served as the county chief adult probation officer.

BISBEE — County Administrator Ed Gilligan resigned his position after much soul searching and will begin a different career as the state Supreme Court’s Division Director of Adult Probation Services.

He made the announcement his last day will be on Aug. 28 during the Tuesday Board of Supervisors meeting.

“My decision came after a month of deep consideration. It was hard, but I decided it was the right time to take advantage of this opportunity,” he said.

Supervisors Tom Borer, Ann English and Peggy Judd reluctantly accepted his official resignation.

Gilligan noted, “The professional team in this county is as good as it gets. This team is the best I’ve worked with in my career. You have been wonderful to work with.”

English said, “I’m very upset he’s leaving. But, I understand people have to make decisions based on what’s best for them. He offered us something so unique in his leadership. I don’t know if we’ll be able to find someone as good to replace him.”

She recognized his leadership and was thankful he stayed with the county in spite of other state agencies who wanted his services.

“I wish you well,” she told him.

Borer said, “I found your service to the county and your counsel extremely important to me. I’m not happy to lose you, but I commend you for the good work you have done. I’ll sorely miss you.”

Judd, too, was grateful for Gilligan’s help. “You’ve moved us forward.”

Gilligan was employed by the county for seven years, with more than three years as County Administrator.

His new position fits in with his previous 17 years in probation and serving some of those years as the chief adult probation officer for Cochise County.

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