BISBEE — In order to recoup costs incurred for consolidated, special and non-consolidated elections, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new schedule of fees which will take effect June 1.

County elections director Lisa Marra explained the rationale for the new rates to supervisors Peggy Judd, Ann English and Tom Borer, the latter of whom attended by phone during Tuesday’s meeting.

Election services fees were revised in 2014, but did not address vote-by-mail-only elections or jurisdictions seeking to conduct elections by Vote Centers not held on a statewide election date, she said.

The existing fees are not adequately covering the cost of conducting an election on behalf of a jurisdiction when it falls outside of the statewide consolidated election calendar, Marra noted.

The matter was discussed in a work session earlier this year and the supervisors agreed it was the most effective use of taxpayer dollars for cost sharing. It also allows the County to continue conducting elections on the behalf of jurisdictions at a cost that is equitable to all parties, she stated.

The fee for elections which are consolidated with state or federal elections will cost 75 cents per registered voter with a minimal fee of $800. All other election services, including recounts, all poll workers, judges and troubleshooters, election equipment, maps and ballot counting are included in the per voter fee, she explained.

For special and non-consolidated vote by mail elections, the fee is $1.75 per registered voter, with a minimum charge set at $2,200.

Fees for special and non-consolidated polling place elections will now cost $4 per registered voter and there must be at least 1,000 voters to conduct it. Additional charges apply if a polling location is required, along with all poll workers and election equipment.

If the election is canceled and appointments are necessary, there is a fee of $250 for any election type. If an election is canceled after programming has started, the government entity will be charged the actual costs.

The resolution approving the fees also gave the county administrator the authority to execute intergovernmental agreements for election services.

The fee schedule is available on the county website:

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