Cochise County District 2 Supervisor Ann English was re-elected to a fourth term.

BISBEE— With a safe lead as of Monday, District 2 Supervisor Ann English will start her fourth term on the county Board of Supervisors in January with 9,147 votes.

She leads Republican contender Lori Kilpatrick by 1,615 votes. However, the county still has 3,319 ballots to verify and count. Since only people living in District 2 can vote for their supervisor, English is expected to hold her lead.

Herald/Review: Why do you think you won over Kilpatrick?

Ann English: I think my re-election was partially based upon my name recognition in stories covered in the press and partially based upon the renewed public interest from Democrats wanting to make their voice heard in the presidential and senatorial races. I wanted to be re-elected because the public thought I was a good public servant and had made the county a good place to work, live and play.

H/R: Will the practice of setting four-year goals for the county strategic plan continue? Will there be new additions from you or just a continuation of what the supervisors have already set for the strategic plan?

AE: The Strategic Plan was created by consensus of the new board four years ago. It was a guide for our decisions both monetarily and programmatic. It would be my desire to have the new board continue to move forward with a Strategic Plan. The board, the staff and the public need to see the priorities we select and the path to pursue. The plan is a living document and needs continuous monitoring for changes, so it requires bimonthly meetings and documentation toward goals. This will be the first big test to see how the board works together to set priorities for this next four-year term. The first board chair should set this process in motion in January. We will see where it goes from there.

H/R: Now that marijuana will be recreationally available for use, do you see any roadblocks the county will have to overcome, i.e. zoning codes?

AE: With any new law such as the use of recreational marijuana, we will have to wait until the State Legislature and the relevant state agencies such as Arizona Department of Health Services set the regulations on use, sale, etc.

The county only has the authority given it by the Legislature. When we see their actions, we will have to adjust our authority and internal regulations to match their requirements. I have no idea what those will be at this time.

H/R: Would you like to say something to the people who voted for you?

AE: Thank you for participating in this election. I always feel blessed to be able to serve and help my constituents. You, the voters, have put your trust in me and it is always my intention to “do what is right and fair.” I try to educate myself before making decisions and I encourage people to contact me and help me understand how an issue will affect them before a decision is made. We let the public know what we are discussing at work sessions and our agendas are always posted at least one to three days before our meetings. Help me to serve you better.