More than 800 COVID-19 vaccines were brought to Buena High School Saturday to immunize county residents.

People lined up at the school gymnasium entrance next to the student parking lot. A steady flow of residents who had made appointments patiently waited to check in for the shots.

Cochise County Health and Social Services Director Alicia Thompson was on hand to assist in checking in people with other county employees also helping.

Fry Fire District was there along with Sierra Vista Fire and Medical Services to assist. Also were nurses and employees from the Sierra Vista Unified School District and Cochise College nursing program students.

Administering vaccinations and manning the first row of vaccines was Fry Fire Department Chief Mark Savage, who was also giving out booster shots to those requiring a second dose.

Fort Huachuca Accommodations school teacher Lauren Merkwan, who was standing in line for her shot said, “I think the county has handled it very well and have been very helpful in trying to keep everyone healthy and safe.”

Fry Fire District engineer/paramedic Jared Haros said, “We’re pushing through as many people Priority Phase 1B and 1A, that we’re in right now. We are currently working with the county and Sierra Vista Unified School District as well as Cochise College to offer support for this operation to be successful.”

Haros thought the operation would probably take about 10 hours to complete Saturday.

The process Saturday was moving smoothly and efficiently as each station had plenty of staff to assist all the vaccine recipients’ needs. After receiving the vaccine, recipients were then routed to an observation area where they waited a few minutes to make sure no adverse reactions to the vaccination occurred.

Elfrida resident Bruce Keeling said, “I’m not a big fan of having vaccinations, but I feel like it’s necessary so we can get this pandemic behind us and reassume a normal life.”