SIERRA VISTA — An accused killer of two people is now being charged with conspiring to erase any traces of his criminal enterprise from his cell phone while incarcerated at the Cochise County Jail.

The new charges against Devon Neff and Tryna Nicole Lampman include one count of conspiracy to commit hindering prosecution in the first degree involving terrorism/murder and three counts of attempting to commit hindering prosecution in the first degree involving terrorism/murder.

Lampman is Neff's mother.

On Thursday, assistant prosecutor Terisha Driggs said the new charges against the 21-year-old defendant stem from his actions while being jailed.

Neff, who is being held without bond, was arrested on July 13 after Sierra Vista police said he shot two people to death in the parking lot of Filiberto’s Mexican restaurant on Fry Boulevard. The shootings were captured on the eatery’s surveillance cameras, investigators said.

The deceased — Landan Klein and Honeylynne Garcia, both 25 — were in business with Neff in a drug-related “criminal enterprise” in Sierra Vista, investigators said. But as of late, Neff owed Klein money, police said. The night Klein and Garcia were killed, Klein had driven to Filiberto’s and confronted Neff in his car as he and a friend waited in line to place a dinner order, investigators said.

In the surveillance videos, Klein can be seen walking to the driver’s side of Neff’s car. He started arguing with Neff, then leaned into the open window and punched Neff in the face at least twice. Neff then shot Klein twice from inside his car, the video shows. Klein almost doubled over and bolted across the parking lot.

Neff emerged from his vehicle, looked in the direction where Klein ran, but then quickly turned and looked at the front passenger door of Klein’s car as it began to open. Garcia was in the passenger’s seat, and police said Neff shot her twice in the head. The video then showed Neff quickly ducking into his car, then surfacing again and firing at Garcia four more times, investigators said.

Arrested on July 13 about an hour after the shootings, Neff told police he had shot Klein and Garcia in self-defense. He was charged with 10 counts of violence and drug-related offenses in the deaths of the couple that include two counts of first degree murder, one count of second degree murder and one count of drive-by shooting.

Cochise County Superior Court Judge Laura Cardinal found probable cause in nine of the 10 counts lodged against Neff and said the defendant is a danger to the Sierra Vista community. She ordered him held without bond.

Neff’s criminal behavior didn’t stop at the jailhouse door.

On Sept. 23, a grand jury indicted Neff on the new charges that Driggs said occurred after Neff was arrested.

According to the indictment, between July 20 and Aug. 25, Neff “altered iPhone and iCloud storage to make cell phone data unavailable to officers while knowing or having reason to know that the offense involves murder.”

The indictment also states that on July 20, Neff “provided log-in information and requested that his iPhone be locked or erased in order to prevent officers from accessing data on the cell phone.”

Lastly, on Aug. 25, investigators said Neff “instructed another person how to alter his cell phone via iCloud in order to make data unavailable to officers.”

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