SIERRA VISTA — If dad has his way, Easton Sincere London is destined for either the Philadelphia Eagles football team, or he could become a player for the 76ers.

Regardless of which pro sports path he might be taking, Cochise County’s first 2020 baby has plenty of time to decide.

The son of Army Spc. Keyosha Thomas, 23, and her fiancé, Army Spc. Emmanuel London, 22, Easton was born on Jan. 1 at 7:16 p.m. at Canyon Vista Medical Center.

He came into the world weighing seven pounds, three ounces and is 21-inches long.

“He’s perfect,” Keyosha beamed Thursday while looking down at her newborn son. “I just wish Emmanuel could be here to see him, but everything works out for the best.”

Easton’s father, who is with the 40th ESB (Expeditionary Signal Battalion) Unit out of Fort Huachuca is currently stationed in Poland and will be returning to the area in July.

While talking to him on Facetime, Emmanuel spoke of how difficult it is for him to have to wait to meet his son.

“Seeing Easton for the first time and being able to hold him is going to be the most exciting day of my life, except for marrying his mother,” he said. “We plan to get married as soon as I’m back from Poland.”

Keyosha came to the area from Alabama, and Emmanuel from Pennsylvania. They met in 2017 when both were assigned to Alpha Company, stationed at Fort Huachuca.

The grandparents on both sides of the family are ecstatic about Easton’s arrival and have been posting pictures all over Facebook, Keyosha said.

“They were posting pictures even before I had a chance to post them. I’m really happy that Emmanuel and the grandparents are so excited about Easton.”

Keyosha said that along with an easy pregnancy, Easton arrived exactly on his due date after one hour. Obstetrician Sidney Semrad did the delivery, which also went smoothly, she said.

“I want to have more children, so I hope they’re all as easy as this one,” Keyosha said. “You’re always hearing the long labor and delivery stories, so with a first baby, you never know what to expect.”

In keeping with a long-standing tradition — as the New Year’s first baby — Easton received a gift bag from the hospital filled with items he’ll be needing once he’s home.

When it’s time for Keyosha and Easton to leave the hospital, the baby will likely be wearing a favorite onesie from his dad.

“His dad is starting him out young as an Eagles and 76ers fan, and he has onesies for both teams,” Keyosha smiled. “So, when it comes to pro teams, he doesn’t have a lot of choice.”

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