HUACHUCA CITY — A microburst tore a large section of roofing from a nonprofit thrift store in Huachuca City last week, causing major damage and the store’s temporary closure.

The thrift store for Southern Arizona Humanitarian Aid Resource Alliance, a nonprofit organization that helps people with food, clothing, household and furniture needs from money raised through its location at 425 Huachuca Blvd. in Huachuca City, is temporarily closed. The store houses a wide range of donated items from the community, which are sold and serve as a revenue source for SAHARA’s food pantry.

“The microburst came through last Saturday (June 10) around 6 p.m. and scattered sections of our roof all over the north side of the property,” said Rick Hackney, who co-founded SAHARA with his partner, Jredia Newton. “We’re continuing to distribute food from the pantry, but earnings from the thrift store are what we use to purchase food and supplies.”

An insurance adjuster was on site Friday to determine the extent of damage. Along with the roof, water damage inside the building ruined sections of drywall and carpeting.

“We are soliciting both monetary and food donations for the pantry until the thrift store is reopened,” Newton said. “In the meantime, we’re asking people not to donate items that need to go in the thrift store. We want to thank everyone for their support and ask that they bear with us as we go through the repair process.”

Food pantry hours are Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. until noon.

Those with emergency needs can call 520-331-3830 or 520-331-2883 for special arrangements for food and other supplies.