SVPD notifying public of Level-II sex offender’s residence

Joe Mario Rosales

Joe Mario Rosales, 59, was convicted of attempted molestation of a child on Oct. 10, 2010, with a female victim under the age of 14. He was adjudicated guilty in Cochise County Superior Court.

He has served the prison sentence imposed by the court and has been placed on supervised release for life with the Cochise County Adult Probation Office.

The Sierra Vista Police Department is releasing this information pursuant to state law, which provides for the release of information regarding the sex offender’s identity, status, and criminal history to immediate neighbors, schools, day-care centers, appropriate community groups, prospective employers and print media. The use of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass the offender is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Rosales has reported an address of 1551 E. Fry Blvd., Apt. No. 233, in Sierra Vista. He is a white male, and is 5-feet-9-inches and weighs 215 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

This notification is not intended to increase fear. Rather, it is the belief that an informed public is a safer public. Please do not approach Rosales, his family members or residence regarding this information.

Additional information regarding registered sex offenders can be found on the Department of Public Safety Website at, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, or by contacting the Sierra Vista Police Department at 520-452-7500.

Submitted by SVPD


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