People 55 years of age and older interested in getting a single COVID-19 shot can do so next week when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is offered in Douglas at an all-day event.

Meanwhile, people who are 65 and older and who still want the Moderna vaccine, can now call a hotline and make an appointment for a “closed Point of Distribution” for their age group, said Cochise County spokeswoman Camila Rochin.

“The closed POD event for 65 and older is meant to eliminate competition for residents who are 65 and older and still trying to schedule a vaccine appointment,” Rochin’s press release said.

In order to do that, individuals in that age group are being asked to call the Arizona Department of Health Services hotline, 844-542-8201. The vaccination event is scheduled for Saturday at Buena High School in Sierra Vista.

Aside from the 65 and older group, individuals who are 55 and older may get vaccinated with the Moderna shot at Buena as well. County officials said anyone left from the Prioritized Phase 1B and 1A sections are welcome to get inoculated if they have an appointment.

Rochin explained that a “closed POD” means that only people 65 and older can call the hotline and ensure that they get an appointment. It does not mean that other people can’t get vaccinated.

“Since the phases expanded to 55-plus, appointments have been filling up quickly through the ADHS portal,” Rochin said. “ ... Since not many 65-plus are tech savvy, those appointments were filling up before they could figure out how to check for an available appointment.

“So with the ADHS hotline, those 65-plus can call and schedule directly through the call center. Because the call center has reserved appointments especially for 65-plus, people who use the portal cannot register for those slots – they don’t even see them as an option.”

The Johnson & Johnson event next week starts off with people who are 55 and older and want just one vaccine. It’s also open to individuals who are younger than 55 and considered essential workers, county officials said.

The shots will be given on March 16, 9 a.m. to 1:59 p.m., at Copper Queen Community Hospital Douglas Rural Health Clinic, county officials said.

Aside from the 55 and older group, anyone who is considered a frontline essential worker by the state and who is younger than 55 may sign up to get inoculated, health officials said.

Those workers include:

Food and agriculture, grocery store, convenience store, and carniceria workers

U.S. Postal Service

Manufacturing workers

Public transit workers, including buses, light rail, Uber, Lyft, taxis and rideshare

Utility workers

State and local government workers

Funeral home workers

County health officials stressed that anyone showing up to get their shot on Saturday or Tuesday must show proof of Cochise County residency.

For the Johnson & Johnson event Tuesday, individuals younger than 55 who are essential workers must show proof of their place of employment, county officials said.

Individuals who have health insurance should bring their insurance card with them. Health insurance however, is not required for a vaccine. So far, Cochise County health officials and their partners have administered 35,758 COVID-19 vaccines.

For information or to book an appointment for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, call 520-364-7659 or email