Bruce Alvin Hansberry

Bruce Alvin Hansberry

Equipped with eye and ear protection, a tactical vest, orange gloves and an AR-15 in his hands, murder suspect Bruce Hansberry tried every doorknob of a small office building at an RV business where he had already killed one man, critically injured another and was looking for more people to finish off, a prosecutor and Cochise County sheriff’s detectives said Friday at a court hearing.

While that mayhem was going on at Desert RV in Huachuca City on Monday afternoon, according to investigators, Hansberry’s 8-month-old daughter had been left alone for hours in a dark and cold apartment in Sierra Vista, with no food and wearing only a diaper. When she was found by Sierra Vista Police after 11 p.m. Monday, the baby’s diaper was full and her feet had turned purple because of the cold weather, a sheriff’s detective said.

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