SIERRA VISTA — The Arizona Rangers-Sierra Vista Company held a meeting with several Cochise County and City of Sierra Vista officials earlier this month to build communication and cooperation.

County Supervisors Peggy Judd and County Tom Borer, along with Sheriff Mark Dannels, were in attendance, along with Sierra Vista Mayor Rick Mueller, Council Member Carolyn Umphrey and SV Police Chief Adam Thrasher.

Most of the Rangers of the company were also in attendance, and the gathering was light-hearted and enjoyable. The Rangers learned much about the officials as well as they got to know their Rangers better.

The Arizona Rangers were first formed up in 1901 by then the Arizona Territorial Legislature, modeled after the Texas Rangers. They were commissioned to deal with the infestations of outlaws, rustlers and bandits from south of the border. They were well trained and equipped with the best weapons and horses money could buy.

They were very effective and successful in apprehending members of the outlaw bands. Then the Territorial Legislature felt like they did their job and more and more communities were able to form their own law enforcement agencies, they disbanded the Rangers in 1909.

The Rangers reformed in 1957 by four of the original company from 1909. They have become the Arizona Rangers we know today.

The modern Arizona Rangers are a civilian volunteer organization recognized by the State of Arizona (ARS Title 41) as a civilian law enforcement auxiliary group available to assist federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies.

The Rangers also serve the civic and commercial organizations within their respective communities. There are now 20 Rangers Companies in the State, with almost 500 active and associate Rangers serving.

The modern Arizona Rangers come from all walks of life. They are teachers, attorneys, government contractors and administrators. They are retired police and military members; also active military members. They are your neighbors and friends “paying it forward” to their communities in ways that benefits us all.

A primary mission of the Rangers is their commitment to youth organizations around the State. We are the few but proud, and always looking for a few good women and men who want to join our honorable organization.

Submitted by the Arizona Rangers — Sierra Vista Company #08

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