SIERRA VISTA — The West End Fair serves as a showcase of all the businesses and people who make the West End a great place to live, work and play.

The 14th annual West End Fair returns to Sierra Vista May 4, but for anyone interested in getting involved, it's not too early to get started.

The West End Commission, which hosts the fair, is currently looking for more vendors, sponsors and volunteers to make the event a success.

Rosie Mackey, the West End’s self-described “official nosy neighbor” and a member of the commission, said this is a great chance for any type of business to raise awareness of their brand.

“We are looking for anybody who would like to participate whether they’re a small business, West End, east of Seventh, doesn’t matter,” she said. “We get vendors from out of town and out of state.

“Anyone who wants to put their business out there for the public to see.”

Vendor spaces are available for arts, crafts, exhibits, merchandise and food vendors, as well as nonprofits or community organizations.

For general vendors, a 10' x 12' space is $45 or a 10' x 24' space is $60. Nonprofits and community organizations can get a 10' x 12' space for $25 or 10' x 24 for $40.

Food vendors or food trucks can set up for $25 and West End businesses can set up a booth for free.

Mackey said they usually choose a theme for the event, and as the fair falls on the 4th this year they are going with a “Star Wars” theme.

“Since its on May 4 we thought ‘may the fourth be with you’ a ‘Star Wars’ theme,” she said. “We are working on getting troopers in and reenactors.

“We want vendors to do something ‘Star Wars’-related, nothing elaborate, maybe just a sticker on a sign just to make it fun.”

They could also use more volunteers.

“We like to get our people out on the street walking and working amongst vendors, have them kind of read the room, see what's happening, talk to vendors,” she said. “It’s really important. A lot of shows get their vendors out there and ignore them. “

For those who want to support the fair financially, sponsorships are available and people can donate money.

“We need as many financial sponsors as possible so we can cut a check for something that comes up at the fair or to help someone in the community,” Mackey said.

The vendor fees include traffic control, trash disposal, portable restrooms and advertising.

For more information on applying as a vendor, sponsor or volunteer, visit

Contact Kristen Gregan at or Rosie Mackey at

There will be a meeting of the West End Fair Committee on Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Landmark Cafe for anyone who wants to learn more.

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