“When I first heard (3 years ago) about the National Fitness Campaign and the Fitness Court®, I knew immediately this was exactly what the City of Bisbee needed for economic development, for health, fitness and quality of life to benefit all Bisbee residents,” says Cynthia Conroy enthusiastically.

Now here it is: The National Fitness Court® in Bisbee is officially open! The ribbon cutting ceremony, sponsored by Pepsi, was held on Thursday May 13 at its location on Higgins Hill Park in Bisbee.

Bisbee residents and visitors now have safe, free access to the World’s Best Outdoor Gym to get fit and stay healthy. Mayor Ken Budge, in his remarks said, “…as a city (we) are the recipients (of this gift to the city from BVI) and want to thank everyone who helped build it or who will promote the use of the court, making this a real diamond in our (Higgins Hill) park.”

“Anything we can do to improve the quality of life for (our) citizens, and visitors, is a great addition. Onward and upward.” The court can accommodate up to 21 people while maintaining six feet of social distance between participants during their workout.

The City of Bisbee joined the National Fitness Campaign thanks to Bisbee Vogue Inc. which spent upwards of $200,000 to bring this court to life. Conroy thanked the City of Bisbee Public Works and Parks and Recreation Committee, who were also helpful in bringing this project to fruition for the residents of Bisbee and surrounding areas.

The Bisbee Vogue, Inc. board of directors, approved funding, however, the people most responsible include our dedicated 29-year participants of Bisbee 1000 the Great Stairclimb, along with such notable contributors as the estate of Milt Colter and partner Marilyn Seibold, Pioneer Title Agency (our grand sponsor) and donations of time and labor from KE&G, who not only built the court but also created a beautiful bench that is the key design element to this workout atmosphere.

“This court completes BVI’s vision of an outdoor recreation center, here on Higgins Hill which includes the Fitness Court, the basketball court, the pickleball courts and swimming pool. In the very near future we hope to obtain funding through donations and grant writing to help pay for professionals and staff who can design and offer classes and programs for all ages.”

Be sure to, download the Fitness Court App (on the wall of the court) or contact Bisbee Vogue Inc. for more information on orientations and upcoming classes at the Fitness court, www.bisbee1000.org

Article by Stephanie Peavey and Jamie Trevillyan. Submitted by Bisbee Vogue, Inc.