Four Gentlemen Elected to Bowie Unifieds School Board

Board members sworn in included, from left, John Lloyd Klump, Armando Ricardo Portugal, Riley L. Klump and Jeff Goodman. Superintendent Wendy Conger is at right.

BOWIE — Bowie Unified School District welcomed in the new year by naming new and returning members to its school board on Jan. 12.

Returning members are Mike Myers, president; Jeff Goodman, vice-president; and John L. Klump, board member.

Myers has served on Bowie’s school board for more than 10 years, Goodman for two and Klump for one.

“Mike Myers does a wonderful job of working with the community,” Bowie Unified Superintendent Wendy Conger said. “Not only is he a pastor, but his limitless volunteer support to help Bowie schools is evident: helping set up and prepare community events such as dances, dinners, the community clothing closet and fundraisers to help Bowie students.

”Mr. Goodman is now the vice president. We are fortunate to have someone who supports the community not only with a business but with pride.

”The Klump family has a long history of attending Bowie Schools. The history goes back to several generations including a current one.”

The school board also welcomed new board members Ricardo Armando Portugal and Riley L. Klump, son of John Klump.

“With the Bowie High School approaching 100 years old, it is exciting to have returning and new Panther blood in the district. Mr. Portugal also has a family tree that supports the life of Bowie schools. We are appreciative to finally have a board that puts the students and staff first in a caring and kind-hearted way,” Conger said.

According to Conger, the backgrounds for each of the school board members are as follows: “Mr. Mike Myers is a pastor at the Baptist church and retired Navy veteran. He has a long history of being able to help others. John Klump, Jeff Goodman and Riley Klump are business owners in Bowie. They know what it’s like to put in long days of hard work. Mr. Ricardo Portugal is managing his homestead. Without the support of the businesses, there would not be a Bowie school district. All five board members are heavily involved in supporting the community and making Bowie schools the place it is today.”

Myers also is a volunteer pastor with the Bowie Fire Department.

Other topics of discussion during the meeting were having the community focused on supporting the new superintendent and school issues that includes supporting academic achievement during a pandemic; supporting staff and teachers; and facilitating a climate that is nurturing and caring.

Conger is set to resign as superintendent at the end of the spring semester. She has worked in education for 33 years, six of which were spent with Bowie Unified. The board is working with the Arizona School Boards Association to select a new superintendent.

Conger mentioned that no discussion has taken place regarding the 84-year-old Bowie Pool.

“The new board has stated they want to focus on student learning during the pandemic and get the new superintendent’s input,” Conger said. “I am glad they are choosing to include the new person (superintendent). The position opens Thursday, officially. Plus, I received the grants to redo the bathroom to ADA standards and one for the examination of the high school roof.

“So between the grants just gotten and the ones last month ... we are busy on projects that need immediate attention.

The pool, I believe, will be on a future agenda, I will keep you posted.”