SIERRA VISTA— City officials want the public to weigh in on a master plan for Veterans Memorial Park that will incorporate an additional 20-acre area that Sierra Vista recently purchased from the school district.

Thursday, city officials released three design ideas for the park and the adjacent 20-acre area they want the public’s input on.

The project is aptly titled the Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan and each of the three design proposals shows the park and the recently purchased land connected through pathways. The 20-acre area would be called Veterans Park Sports Complex.

City officials said each plan builds on the one prior, with the third proposal employing all the improvements from the first two and adding a few more amenities.

The new property is just north of the Rothery Educational Service Center and includes tennis courts, a football field, a volleyball sand court, basketball courts and a gymnasium. The property previously belonged to the Sierra Vista Unified School District.

“The Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan will provide the framework for how these facilities are renovated and what improvements are made throughout the park in the future,” city officials said Thursday in a press release.

Laura Wilson, director of the city’s Leisure and Library Services said the city wants the public to participate in choosing a favorite proposal as a way to “begin a conversation with the community about what they would like to see their community park look like in the future.”

“The draft designs that are listed on the city’s online engagement platform,, are conceptual at this point and were created as potential layouts by staff with input from our Parks and Recreation Commission,” Wilson said in an email Thursday. “The concepts were digitally designed in house by our Communications and Marketing Team.”

The final say on which design plan is used will be made by the City Council, Wilson said, but the decision will be based on a recommendation by the Parks and Recreation Commission after it has reviewed all the public feedback.

The first proposal is the simplest one in terms of improvements, city documents show. The plan calls for roadway improvements to connect the existing park property with the Veterans Sports Complex to the northeast. Walking paths will include lighting. Other additions include extending the Cove’s patio and diving well area to allow for additional amenities, a new playground in the southeast section of the park, a three-court lighted sand volleyball area in the northeast section of the complex and surface improvements to the six tennis courts.

The second proposal includes all the improvements from the first plan, but also adds a splash pad adjacent to the proposed playground in the southeast area of the park; a new playground, ramada, and splash pad south of the football field; and two outdoor basketball courts located south of the football field, among other projects.

The last proposal incorporates all the features from the first two, but also adds more pathways allowing for onsite, self-contained walks and runs without the need for street closures or traffic control; more parking and expanded green space; and moving Howard Field east to the softball field in the Veterans Park Sports Complex.

Wilson said the city would “certainly seek granting opportunities” to help fund whichever plan is chosen by the City Council.

The public has until Feb. 12 to pick the design proposal of their choice at: