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Fry Fire District has named their firefighters of the year. The awardees are, from left, Cap./paramedic Jennie Allred, Outstanding Achievement, Firefighter/EMT Dennis Ferrel, Firefighter of the Year, Firefighter/paramedic Michael Bacook, EMS Professional of the Year.

SIERRA VISTA — This year may be two-thirds of the way complete but it’s not too late to recognize the 2019 Fry Fire District award winners.

Captain Jennie Allred received the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award, Firefighter/EMT Dennis Ferrel received the 2019 Fry Fire District Firefighter of the Year, and Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Bocook received the 2019 Fry Fire District EMS Professional of the Year. This is the second time Ferrel won the award and the first time for Allred and Bocook.

The three agreed winning their respective awards is an honor especially since it came from their peers.

“It’s humbling to know that my peers recognize what I do,” Bocook said.

Members of the Fry Fire District nominate who they feel are deserving of the award and a panel of people not associated with the depart picks the winners based off of their nomination forms.

Jennie AllredAllred has been with the Fry Fire District for more than 17 years and has served the district in a number of capacities.

“I like serving the community,” she said. “Our job is dynamic. It’s not a daily routine which is why most of us like it.”

Allred works with the paramedics to help them with different trainings and helps ensure they are well prepared to help the community. Her dedication to implementing the HandTevy App, which allows EMS to document care faster and more effectively, and serving the district earned her the award.

“Captain Jennie Allred conducted research, developed parameters, obtained instructor credentialing, and all but single-handedly drove our implementation of the HandTevy App,” Fry Fire District Chief Mark Savage said.

“Her commitment to providing Paramedics with better tools to deliver critical care to pediatric and geriatric patients has provided tangible rewards. This system has given our providers a sense of confidence in their skill set, improved outcomes for cardiac and respiratory arrest patients, and all but eliminated the likelihood of patient harm due to medication errors,” he said.

When she’s not working, Allred enjoys spending time with her family.

Dennis FerrelFerrel, an active instructor for Fry Fire’s internal and external training programs. He has been with the district for 13 years.

“I still get excited,” Ferrel said. “Every call is different and we have to figure out how to best serve who is calling.”

He helps the local community with responding to 911 calls but is also frequently on Fry Fire crews that are sent across Arizona and the country to assist in other fires.

“His expertise in technical rescue equipment, tools and techniques as well as his leadership of our Technical Rescue Team keep our competence and capacity at the leading edge of our industry,” Savage said.

“This competence combined with a deep passion for wildland firefighting has helped him develop our Rapid Extraction Module capacity, significantly increasing the degree of medical support we are able to provide personnel on wildfires throughout the country.”

When he’s not working he enjoys hiking and rappelling in the mountains.

Michael BocookBocook has only been with Fry Fire for two years. He said he took dual enrollment classes while in high school at Cochise College and fell in love with his EMT classes.

“I like making a difference,” he said. “I like knowing when someone calls 911 I’m going and helping.”

His dedication to helping people is what earned him the Fry Fire District EMS Professional of the Year award.

“Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Bocook is committed to providing incredible patient care and never stops challenging himself” Savage said. “His initiative and commitment to excellence is helping him become a tenured paramedic that many of his peers look to for guidance and support. He exemplifies our mission statement, truly delivering professional and empathetic service to every patient he touches.”

Bocook delivered Stop the Bleed training to Buena High School students last year as part of their EMS Training Program and served as a mentor for Cochise College students in the EMT program.

When he’s not working, Bocook enjoys hanging out with his wife, hiking and running.