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A prepared shopper heartily navigates the parking lot during heavy rains in Sierra Vista Wednesday.

SIERRA VISTA — It may be late, but the monsoon rain is definitely welcomed.

In 24 hours the Sierra Vista and Hereford area was drenched with 1.5 to 2 inches of rain, and more to come. Carl Cernigilia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Tucson sector, said in the last 30 days Sierra Vista received 2-3 inches of rain and Fort Huachuca has received more than 3 inches of rain. A bulk of the total rainfall came on Wednesday and Thursday.

Cernigilia said more rain is likely to come in the next couple of days because there is still monsoon moisture in the area. He said it doesn’t look like it will move out until Saturday. In order for more rain to fall, the sun will need to shine through.

“Basically there’s a lot of monsoon moisture in the air,” he said. “That will be the case tomorrow too. With a little bit of sunshine it’ll rain.”

The Arizona Department of Water Resources’ Quarterly Drought Status April — June 2020 report indicates that Cochise County is not in a drought, but the weekly map showing current drought conditions for July 21 indicate the county has areas that are in a moderate drought and are abnormally dry.

According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ Monthly Drought Status Summary for June, “A combination of minimal precipitation in June and warmer than normal temperatures since May led to significant evaporation from soils and vegetation.”

The monsoon rain and moisture came late this year, but that doesn’t mean it will stay longer. Cernigilia said it’s too early to predict if the rain storms will last through September 15, the official end of the monsoon..

“That would be nice if it did,” he said. “It’s too early to tell.”

According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, “The last two monsoon seasons were relatively dry across most of the state, though southeastern Arizona had favorable monsoon precipitation the past two years. There are currently no strong climate model trends to indicate how wet the monsoon may be this summer.”

Residents should be alert for flood advisories as the rain continues to fall and remember to not drive through flooded washes.

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