harvey thorpe

Suzanne Harvey, left, has been appointed as Interim Town Manager by the Huachuca City town council, while Brandye Thorpe, Huachuca City's former office manager, has been hired as the new town clerk.

HUACHUCA CITY — The town of Huachuca City has a new interim town manager in Suzanne Harvey and a new town clerk in Brandye Thorpe.

Both were working for Huachuca City before transitioning into their new positions.

“Brandye (Thorpe) was our office manager, so she comes with a great understanding of the town’s day-to-day operations through on-the-job experience,” said Harvey. “She works hard and does a great job.”

Both were voted into their new positions by town council members earlier in September, with Harvey stepping into an interim role while Thorpe’s town clerk position is permanent.

Harvey wore several hats for the town before assuming the town manager position that was vacated when Philip Cushman resigned in July.

She has served as director of library and community services, public information officer, interim town clerk and has been instrumental in securing grants for Huachuca City.

“I’ll be performing the duties of interim town manager until the council fills the position permanently,” Harvey said.

“The position is posted on our website and applications will be accepted until Oct. 26,” Harvey said, and encouraged anyone interested to apply at www.huachucacityaz.gov.

A resident of Huachuca City, Harvey says she enjoys the challenges of her new position as well as learning more about how the town operates.

“When I started working at the library, I felt as though I had found my dream job, but taking on different positions has been quite an experience for me,” she said. “We have a lot of great things going on in Huachuca City right now, and I’m excited about what the town’s future holds.”

Huachuca City Mayor Johann Wallace describes Harvey as someone who is passionate about doing the right thing.

“Given how well and how much she’s transformed our library in the past few years is testament to her leadership abilities. I do appreciate her willingness to step up into this role of interim town manager for the time being,” he said.

Thorpe was hired as the town’s office manager in June, but had worked for the Huachuca City Police Department prior to that.

“I’ve known Brandye (Thorpe) for a couple of years now, and I’ve been impressed with her drive to get things done,” Wallace said. “She’s a quick study, professional and very articulate.”

Wallace also noted that Thorpe is good with people and and an all-around great fit for the city clerk position.

“I worked for the police department for two years, first as a dispatcher and then as a records clerk,” said Thorpe about her work experience at Huachuca City. “After our town’s dispatch services were transferred to SEACOM (Southeastern Arizona Communications) I became a records clerk. When I learned there was an opening for an office manager at town hall, I applied for that position and was hired.”

Not long after she started her office manager position, the town’s former town clerk left for a position on Fort Huachuca. Thorpe started assisting Harvey with some of those responsibilities, decided she enjoyed the work and applied for the vacated town clerk position.

“I love my new job and see myself working here for years to come,” she said.

Born and raised in Washington state, Thorpe moved to Casa Grande with her mother when she was 17.

She and her husband moved to Whetstone in 2016, where they are raising their five children.

“I love seeing all the improvements in Huachuca City and I’m super excited about seeing the town grow and thrive,” said Thorpe. “It’s so encouraging to see the new businesses that are coming into town. We have a lot of interest from potential business owners, especially as more of the properties along Huachuca Boulevard continue to improve.”

Pointing to recent improvements to the Dusk till Dawn property, which she referred to as “a community eyesore,” Thorpe praised Mr. Shed business owner Jim Goad for the property’s new look.

“Mr. Goad spearheaded that entire effort,” she said. “He purchased all the supplies to paint and improved the way the building looks, provided equipment and organized volunteers to help with the project.”

Based on Facebook comments, people are noticing the Dusk till Dawn project and other improvements throughout the town, Thorpe said.

“I’m looking forward to serving as Huachuca City’s town clerk,” she said. “This is an exciting time to be part of the town’s administrative team.”