SIERRA VISTA — A massive energy upgrade project for the city that would include everything from more efficient and powerful lights at municipal parks, to a new wave machine at the city pool, will be finished by early 2020, officials said Tuesday.

“Our construction schedule is 189 days,” Assistant City Manager Victoria Yarbrough said Wednesday of the city’s $14.8 million contract with Schneider Electric. “The closeout for all the projects is next spring. We’ll plan for conclusion by the middle of March.”

In the meantime, a new website informing the public of the progress being made by Schneider Electric at each individual undertaking will be launched by the city in the next few weeks, Yarbrough said Wednesday.

Additionally, there will be “marketing materials” at each construction site explaining “what’s going on,” she said. Informational banners also will be posted at city buildings such as the library and the community center.

“There isn’t much to update yet, but soon there will be,” Yarbrough said in an email Wednesday, referring to the planned website.

One of the most significant aspects of the improvements being undertaken by Schneider Electric is that the city will save about 22 percent in building utility costs, Yarbrough said at a work session earlier this year.

The projects slated include LED lighting upgrades in city buildings, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) replacements and software that allows the city to monitor energy usage in its buildings. There are some pricier projects that are focused more on revenue generation rather than energy savings, Yarbrough said, such as LED lighting and artificial turf in some of the sports complexes, replacing the wave machine at The Cove and electrical upgrades at Veterans Memorial Park.

Workers already started installing LED lights last week in the interior and exterior of all city buildings, Yarbrough said. That project should be completed by December.

Here’s the rest of the work schedule:

• Two projects at the city’s aquatic park The Cove, to include replacement of the heating system and a new wave pool, will begin work in November and conclude in December or January

• putting down turf on three soccer fields at Cyr Center Park will start in September and be done by November

• putting down turf at two soccer fields at Domingo Paiz Park will start at the end of September and will be finished in February

• installation of lighting at all city sports fields has already started and will conclude in December

• replacement of all utility pedestals at Veterans Memorial Park, will start in October and finish in November

• an Environmental Operations Park aeration control upgrade — which will save energy with a real-time monitoring and control system for the denitrification process — will start in September and be done by October.

The money for the upgrades comes from “bonding through the Municipal Property Corp,” City Manager Chuck Potucek said in February. The bonds are “sales tax-based.”

Yarbrough also told members of the Sierra Vista City Council at a work session that the $14.8 million price tag for the multiple projects is a 10-year loan at 2.48 percent. She said the city can pay off the loan in seven years without getting penalized and will look to do so.

“The bonds are callable in seven years,” Yarbrough said. “So we can pay it (the loan) off in seven years. We will likely do that.”

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