SIERRA VISTA — Buffalo Solider Trail was shut down Monday morning due to a crash involving two vehicles, both of which ended up in the dirt along the southbound side of the road across from North Garden Avenue.

Multiple victims were transported to the hospital in the late morning. One person was taken to a Tucson hospital via helicopter after crews were able to extract them from the back of the Volkswagen car. Buffalo Solider Trail was closed from Fry Boulevard to Kayetan Drive for the helicopter to land and the scene could be cleaned up. Another person from the same vehicle was transported via ambulance to Canyon Vista Medical Center.

Cpl. Scott Borgstadt of the Sierra Vista Police Department said the orange Volkswagen was turning left onto southbound Buffalo Solider Trail while the black Ford truck was traveling in the left lane heading northbound. The Volkswagen pulled in front of the truck, which hit the rear driver's-side door, spinning both cars across the highway, Borgstadt said.

"We're very lucky (that no one was traveling southbound)," Borgstadt said. Sierra Vista Police, Sierra Vista Fire and Medical and Fry Fire responded to the scene.

He added the driver of the orange car will most likely be cited for "failure to yield at a stop sign," which is different than not stopping at a stop sign at all.  

Buffalo Solider Trail was fully opened by noon on Monday.