keith settlemeyer

Newly appointed Huachuca City Council member Keith Settlemeyer.

HUACHUCA CITY — Huachuca City resident and business owner Keith Settlemeyer has been appointed to serve on Huachuca City’s town council, filling a position vacated by former council member Joy Banks.

Settlemeyer was selected by a unanimous vote of the mayor and council at a special work session in late January.

While four candidates had submitted applications for the appointment, only two attended the work session, so were the only two the council considered for the appointment. Both candidates were asked the same six questions posed by Huachuca City Mayor Johann Wallace and each of the town’s five council members.

As an appointee, Settlemeyer will serve on council until the general election in November 2022.

Settlemeyer, who refers to himself as a master carpenter and furniture maker with 49 years experience in his trade, owns a wood shop along Huachuca Boulevard in Huachuca City.

The following Q&A between Setlemeyer and the Herald/Review was conducted Friday morning at the business. Some of the questions are similar to those asked by council members at the Jan. 27 work session when he was appointed to serve on council.

Herald/Review: What are your reasons for wanting to serve on the town council?

Keith Settlemeyer: I have lived in Huachuca City for around 15 years and am impressed with the town’s current mayor and council because of improvements that have happened throughout the community in recent years.

There was a time when I was embarrassed to tell people where I lived. I’ve watched this town’s transition through three mayors, and in the past couple of years, I’m pleased with the results that I’m seeing. As a council member, I want to work with the current mayor and council and continue the positive trend they’ve started.

(Settlemeyer also credited Jim Goad, owner of Huachuca City-based business Mr. Shed, for starting “Friends of Huachuca City,” a group of concerned citizens who have pushed for the town’s cleanup and tougher oversight when it comes to violations.)

KS: With the help of Jim Goad and Friends of Huachuca City, we went after eyesores throughout the town. The fact that the council set up codes, established citations, pursued court hearings to deal with violations and cleaned up the town, has resulted in a great little town with a lot of potential for attracting new businesses and growth.

I want to continue to help bring excitement and enthusiasm to our community, which now seems to be developing for the good. I’m excited about growing with Huachuca City, and watching it continue to develop.

H/R: How do you plan to use the experience you glean from serving on the town council in future years?

KS: I plan to use the experience to move onto the state legislature at some point, possibly starting out as a state representative. I have a lot to learn about the political process, but I’m willing to work hard at this so I can learn the ropes. I’m all about making positive changes to benefit citizens, so will be starting out at the local level as a council member. I want to use my time on council to learn how the government process works. By doing this, I hope to bring integrity back to the government and serve as the voice of the common citizens so they’re actually heard by our elected officials.

H/R: What do you want the community to know about you?

KS: I’m a person of integrity, and will bring integrity to my position on the council. I have the ability to connect with common citizens. The people in this town who know me, know they can talk to me and they know that I’ll listen to their concerns. My goal for Huachuca City is to promote pride in our community through continued improvements. I want to see more revenue for the town through development.

This current mayor and council have been a blessing to our community. I’ve been attending council meetings for years and this is the most impressive council we’ve had since I’ve been following the meetings. As someone who is personally vested in the community, it’s important to me that we continue to improve. I look forward to serving on the council and supporting the good work that has been happening for the town in recent years. Huachuca City is on the right path for growth and I think the town has potential for an exciting future.