SIERRA VISTA — Wearing a handmade bib of red, white and blue, splashed with stars, Myree Morris was feeling quite patriotic on the Fourth of July.

As a resident of BeeHive assisted living, Smith was visited by members of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans last Thursday and presented with a handmade bib.

“I think this is wonderful,” Smith said while admiring the gift. “Here I am wearing patriotic colors and stars on the Fourth of July. I love it.”

Associates of Vietnam Veterans chairperson Donna Horton said the handmade bibs are a service project the organization is doing for all BeeHive residents.

“We have eight women members and we are adopting BeeHive as one of our service projects. We want the residents to feel special. They’re always so happy to have visitors and truly appreciate the handmade items we bring them.”

Horton said the organization typically does Christmas projects, but Thursday marked the first time they participated did something for the Fourth.

The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month and all people — men or women — interested in supporting Vietnam veterans are welcome to attend the meetings and join the group’s service projects Horton said. For information, call Horton at 520-255-6283.

Naomi Rowland, who is 92, was expecting a visit from family members, but wanted to model her bib for them.

“I think it’s beautiful,” she said. “You can tell they put a lot of work into these. I’ll wear it with pride,” she said with a smile.

BeeHive caregiver Shirley Estrada said the residents are always excited when members of the community stop by to visit them. When they bring gifts, it’s an extra bonus.

“These bibs are so well made, they’re just beautiful,” Estrada said while helping Rowland into hers.

Another caregiver, Sarah Guvenen, also praised the women’s generosity. “It’s so wonderful to see the community reaching out to our residents and making them feel special on holidays like the Fourth of July. Our residents are very patriotic. They value our country’s freedoms and the sacrifices that were made for those freedoms. The Fourth means a lot to them, so we’re very grateful to these women for doing this.”


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