TOMBSTONE — From decadent desserts to dinner, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Mario’s Bakery in Tombstone has something for every taste.

Baker Daniel Scardaccione and pizza extraordinaire Jeannie Andrada are teaming up to create chocolate covered strawberries garnished with hearts along with a selection of red velvet offerings, including brownies, cookies and a cake with cream cheese filling. While Scardaccione is focused on the bakery’s sweet side, Andrade concentrates on her personal specialty — heart-shaped pizzas.

“Our Valentine’s Day theme is, ‘Take a Little Pizza My Heart,’ she laughed. “We’re having so much fun with our Valentine’s Day menu. Daniel is the baker and does all the cooking, but I do make great pizzas,” she said. “I absolutely love his cooking, as do a lot of people.”

The restaurateurs came up with a Valentine’s Day dinner special, featuring a bruschetta starter, followed by baked ziti served with a tossed green salad and, in true Italian fashion, a cannoli for dessert. Drinks include coffee, espresso, Italian sodas and teas.

Both Andrade and Scardaccione are New York transplants.

“We met for the first time when Daniel came into a convenience store on Long Island where I was working,” Andrade said, as she recalled that first meeting. “He was there to buy cigarettes for his boss and I asked for his ID because I didn’t believe he was 18,” she said. “I ran into him again at a bar and grill where he started talking to me about one of his friends, and I started talking about my brother. As it turned out, we were talking about the same person. It’s a small world.”

That was 22 years ago. The two hit it off and have been together since.

“Our first date was very sweet,” Andrade said. “He’s very musical and serenaded me while I was in my car. He stood in my driveway playing the guitar.”

The two came to Tombstone at the urging of Scardaccione’s mother, who has been a Tombstone resident for 30 years now.

“She talked us into coming here, and I fell in love with this place the moment I arrived,” Andrade said.

Mario’s has been in business in Tombstone for 18 months.

“We love our little bakery and restaurant. It’s a lot of work, but very rewarding.

While Andrade likes everything on their menu, she admits her two favorite items are Scardaccione’s tiramisu and the chocolate covered bacon.

“Both are amazing,” she said.

As for Scardaccione — his favorite menu item is Andrade’s pizza.

“He has very good taste,” Andrade said with a smile.