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Mike Burgess added to his success in growing cherry tomatoes by realizing that growing herbs fulfilled a need at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market.

Appreciating our Neighbors

I think that one of the great things about a community-based farmers market is that in a world today which is becoming increasingly introverted and sequestered, our local farmers market is a place where people from all walks of life still can go and make personal connections with other people from their community. Where else can we as a consumer go and have the opportunity to build a relationship with the people who grow and produce our food. As vendors, it’s also a unique privilege for us to meet and know the people who enjoy what we make and grow.

If you’ve ever been to the Sierra Vista Farmers Market you’ve probably felt its refreshing energy and vitality. I believe that energy is the power of face to face human interaction. As I look at the sobering news headlines this week I’m reminded of how important it is for each of us to love and appreciate our family, friends, and neighbors — to appreciate not just what we all have in common, but also appreciate the differences and uniqueness that makes each of us truly special.

So this week I invite you to come on out to the Sierra Vista Farmers Market and enjoy the company of your neighbors. Get to know the rawhide and leather ranchers who grow your meat. Shake the calloused, iron hands of the farmers who grow your fruits and vegetables. Share the enthusiasm of the talented artisans who showcase their amazing creations. Enjoy the mouth-watering food and baked goods of our eclectic chefs and bakers. Come meet and appreciate the quiet, outgoing, shy, boisterous, reserved, gruff, kooky, sophisticated, and just plain unique people who make our community so special.

Vendor Spotlight

It started with a few small cherry tomato plants which eventually grew to the roof of their house. Out of the confidence of these inauspicious beginnings grew a passion that Mike Burgess has nurtured into a unique niche at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market. With a background in the culinary arts, Mike added to his success in growing cherry tomatoes by realizing that growing herbs fulfilled a need at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market for these fresh and savory condiments. This realization began his entrepreneurial endeavor he calls Just-A-Pinch. Each week Mike brings living plants which he harvests for you on the spot at the market or offers the entire plant for you to take home and use at your own discretion.

Over time, Mike’s collection of herbs has grown thanks to his own trial and error of learning to grow from seeds and cuttings. He’s also expanded his variety of herbs with new and exciting gifts that some of his generous patrons have shared with him. With his increasing passion for growing encouraged by his success, Mike now has many types of herbs for you to choose from. Looking for a unique mint for that drink, that favorite dish, or garnish for your dessert? Mike now has nine different types of mint for you to experi-mint with. Ever heard of Egyptian walking onions? Well, stop by Mike’s booth this week and ask him about these unusual herbs and the many other fresh culinary delights he has to offer.

This Week at the Market

Summer fruit and vegetable season is in full swing at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market this week. For the freshest vegetables around, this week our vendors have all sorts of lettuce and greens, carrots, onions, garlic, beets, okra, peppers, turnips, tomatoes, beans, to name just a few. If you are looking for fruit our vendors will also have pears, figs, pluots, plums,and several varieties of apples and peaches.

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We look forward to seeing you all at the market this week.

Submitted by William Struse

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