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The Power of Flowers

It probably comes as no surprise to many, but flowers are a powerful emotional stimulant. Since the dawn of recorded history, flowers have been used as a token of affection, a symbol of mourning, a promise of passion, and sometimes just a small bit of the wonder and beauty of nature to brighten our homes.

But as with all the blessings of this wonderful world around us, there is more to the power of flowers in our lives than most of us realize. According to, a Rutgers University study found that there is a more powerful link between flowers and your satisfaction with life than we may have consciously realized before. That study found, that flowers reduce anxiety and depression, but also increase happiness. These positive outcomes often resulted in an increased emotional contact with family and friends. Studies by Harvard University and Texas A & M produced similar findings.

Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital can tell you, most people appreciate flowers in their hospital rooms. A 2008 study by Seong-Hyun Park and Richard H. Mattson found that flowers in the rooms of post operative surgical patients had a measurable positive effect on mood and recovery of the patients.

I think most of us at one point in our lives have wondered at the exquisite designs and colors displayed by flowers. Did you know that the colors and smell of flowers can also provoke an emotional and physical response? Yellow is often associated with sunshine and joyfulness. The smell of lavender can reduce anxiety and bring calmness. Red we often associate with danger, passion, love, and anger. (That’s a tricky color for sure.) Did you know that the smell of rosemary enhances the memory? Blue is often associated with sadness or calm and green provides a sense of comfort and safety.

Now consider that every flower has an unfathomable complexity of pattern and color, distinctive smell, and unique shape; each of these unique features which when combined have the ability to stimulate an infinite number of emotional and physical responses in our bodies and mind, and then you might just begin to grasp the true power of flowers.

If you are looking for some flower power to brighten your day or energize your home, the Sierra Vista Farmers Market has seasonal flowers that you probably won’t find at your local flower shop. From spring and summer iris, to roses, daisies, lavender, cosmos, snap dragons, and desert cactus blossoms — throughout the year at the farmers market you’ll find these and many more flowers to bring joy and color to your life and home. We invite you to stop by the market each Thursday to see what new and interesting flower power you can find.

This Week at the Market

Frena with Bisbee Balm will have her all natural lemongrass essential oil insect repellent which she has been selling for five years to protect humans and animals from those nasty seasonal insect bites. Teresa with Dolce Amore hopes to be back this week with her gluten free cookies, vegan cakes, Italian cakes, puff pastries, and regular cookies. The Simmons Honey Ranchito returns this week with freshly restocked apple butter and strawberry jam. New this week they’ll have a limited supply of 5.5 ounce jars of citrus honey produced from the citrus orchards of Mesa, AZ. This unique honey has an opaque yellow color and flavor that is buttery-smooth and exceptionally delicate. Michael Burgess with Just-A-Pinch will have his culinary herbs. Treat yourself this week to fresh dill, cilantro, mint, and basil. Buy it by the ounce freshly cut at the market or take home a healthy plant. Queen Ceviche will be at the market to quench your thirst with her ice cold hibiscus lemonade. If spicing up your life is more your speed then try Feliz’s salsa or guacamole.

For our full list of vendors and all the great variety they will have for you, please see our weekly newsletter at our website:

Hope to see you at the market this week!

Submitted by William Struse


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