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Winter kale

Healthy Greens Make Healthy Brains

Greens are in season at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market and recent studies show that incorporating them into your diet is a brain healthy choice. According to a study published in Neurology 2018, eating a serving of fresh greens daily led to a slower decline in brain function as we age. Other studies have found that dark leafy greens rich in, folate, lutein, vitamin K, beta-carotene, kaempferol, and other trace nutrients likely help slow age-related mental decline and ward off dementia.

Scientists at Rush University and Tufts University monitored the dietary habits and brain function of almost 960 people ages 58-99 over a period of several years. Those participants in the study who reported eating at least one daily serving of leafy green vegetables had the brain function of someone nearly a decade younger.

Scientists conjecture that the nutrients in leafy greens likely protect against stress and inflammation as well as other chronic conditions, which damaged the brain over time.

While science is telling us that eating more greens can improve your overall mental and physical health, it is important to make sure you are getting healthy greens that are not sprayed with insecticides and other harmful chemicals. It is also important to make sure your greens are fresh because then they retain the most nutrients. At the Sierra Vista Farmers Market you’ll find greens that are picked the night before or in some cases the day of the market. This ensures you are getting the highest quality green available.

This Week at the Market

Arevalos Farms, Sivonn, Hilltop Hydroponics, and Backyard Gardening & Growing have a variety of fresh greens for you to choose from. You’ll find lettuce, kale, bok choy, spinach, and kohlrabi, to name a few of the fresh greens this week.

Gracewater Farms has her herbal teas back in stock. Several varieties are made with their homegrown moringa. Their signature blend, Perfection is a blend of moringa, tulsi, lemongrass, and mint. Sweet Perfections is the same blend with a bit of stevia leaf to make it sweet.

This week the Simmons Family Band will be playing an eclectic variety of folk, gospel, and other music for your enjoyment.

For more information on our vendors, their products, and their attendance at this week’s market please see our newsletter at Hope to see you all this Thursday between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Veterans Memorial Park.

Submitted by William Struse

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